All Honkai Star Rail elements and their effects

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Honkai Star Rail players must have noticed that all playable characters and enemies belong to a certain element. If you’re yet to understand their significance, here’s a detailed guide on all Honkai Star Rail elements and their effects during combat.

Like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail has seven distinct elements and all characters belong to at least one of them. The diverse elements present in the gacha game not only encourage unique interactions but also provide an edge against foes by exploiting their elemental vulnerabilities.

Although Honkai Star Rail has been out for some time, understanding the complex nature of the seven elements is an arduous task for beginners. From breaking shields to controlling enemies, the majority of combat tactics revolve around the elements of your characters and enemies.

On that note, here’s a guide on all Honkai Star Rail elements and their effects.

How do elements work in Honkai Star Rail

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You can break enemy shields in Honkai Star Rail with the correct elemental attack.

Each playable character in Honkai Star Rail associates with one of the seven unique in-game elements, shaping their attack strategies around that particular element.

One crucial point to remember is that every enemy in Honkai Star Rail possesses a unique elemental weakness as well. To maximize your damage, it’s important to use elemental attacks that break the shield of the enemy. The elemental weakness of the enemy is showcased via icons above their health bar.

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Once the shield is shattered, the enemy enters the ‘Weakness Break’ state in the game, during which they become more susceptible to your party’s attacks.

List of all elements in Honkai Star Rail

There are seven elements in Honkai Star Rail, check them out below:

  • Imaginary
  • Physical
  • Quantum
  • Wind
  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Lightning
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Every element in Honkai Star Rail has a different impact on the target.

All Honkai Star Rail element effects

The list below outlines all the Honkai Star Rail elements and their respective effects:

  • Lightning: Inflicts extra lightning damage and applies Shock (DoT).
  • Ice: Freezes foes, preventing them from acting, and applies Ice (DoT).
  • Physical: Inflicts additional physical damage and applies Bleed (DoT).
  • Quantum: Applies Entanglement (Quantum DoT, delays enemy turn).
  • Fire: Inflicts additional fire damage and applies Burn (DoT).
  • Wind: Inflicts additional wind damage and applies Wind Shear (DoT).
  • Imaginary: Applies Imprisonment (delays enemy turn and reduces their speed).

From this list, you’ll learn how certain elements like Lightning, Fire, Wind, and Physical help in damage dealing while others like Imaginary and Quantum are for controlling the actions of enemies and delaying their actions.

This explains why your Honkai Star Rail team should have characters from different elements and why it is important to build damage dealers, healers, and support units from all elements.

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