Best guns in Warzone 2: Every Season 3 Reloaded weapon ranked

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Warzone 2 has a wide array of powerful weapons to choose from in the CoD battle royale, so we’ve ranked every weapon in Season 3 Reloaded and counted down the top 10 best guns you can use.

The next chapter in the Call of Duty battle royale saga is well underway, with Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded bringing the GS Magna and FTAC Siege Handguns, Ranked Play, and DMZ’s Koschei Complex.

Once you’ve locked in the best controller, PC, and FOV settings, you’ll need the best guns possible to dominate. Warzone 2 features over 60 of Modern Warfare 2’s weapons and with Season 3 Reloaded bringing new weapons, as well as buffs and nerfs, the meta has changed once again.

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Now that Season 3 Reloaded is underway, we’ve counted down the top 10 guns you can take to Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, and ranked every weapon from best to worst.

Best Warzone 2 guns: Ranked list

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Before we get into why you should use the top 10 weapons, we’ve ranked every Warzone 2 weapon from best to worst. You’ll see Assault Rifles and SMGs take the top spots but there are some incredible picks in other categories too.

  1. Cronen Squall
  2. Chimera
  3. PDSW-528
  4. Kastov-74u
  5. Vaznev-9k
  6. ISO Hemlock
  7. Lachmann Sub
  8. TAQ-56
  9. VEL 46
  10. Kastov 762
  11. FJX Imperium Intervention
  12. M4
  13. Victus XMR
  14. Lachmann-556
  15. RAAL MG
  16. M13B
  17. STB 556
  18. RPK
  19. Sakin MG38
  20. BAS-P
  21. KV Broadside
  22. Signal 50
  23. TAQ-V
  24. MCPR-300
  25. Tempus Torrent
  26. Minibak
  27. Fennec 45
  28. MX9
  29. X12
  30. Rapp H
  31. FTAC Siege
  32. SP-X 80
  33. EBR-14
  34. TAQ-M
  35. X13 Auto
  36. FSS Hurricane 
  37. Kastov 545
  38. HCR 56
  39. SP-R 208
  40. Lachmann-762
  41. 556 Icarus
  42. FTAC Recon
  43. Basilisk 
  44. P890
  45. Crossbow
  46. LA-B 330
  47. LM-S 
  48. SA-B 50
  49. GS Magna
  50. Riot Shield
  51. Lockwood MK2
  52. M16
  53. SO-14
  54. Bryson 800
  55. .50 GS
  56. Dual Kodachis
  57. Expedite 12
  58. Lockwood 300
  59. Bryson 890 
  60. Combat Knife
  61. RPG-7
  62. Strela-P
  63. Pila
  64. JOKR

Best meta guns in Warzone 2

10. Kastov 762

Kastov 762 assault rifle in warzone 2Activision
The Kastov 762 is a powerful and versatile Assault Rifle.

The Kastov 762 is secretly posing as the legendary AK-47, and we currently have it ranked as one of the best ARs in Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded.

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What makes the Kastov 762 so effective is that it’s great in almost any situation, being a better version of the classic M4. It doesn’t excel in any category but is powerful in almost any situation. It’s extremely easy to use, kills fast, and has an impressive headshot multiplier if you’re accurate enough.

9. VEL 46

warzone 2 vel 46 smgActivision

The SMG meta in Warzone 2 is incredibly competitive in Season 3 Reloaded. Therefore, the weapons that tend to avoid nerfs with each new update tend to rocket up the standings. In this case, the VEL 46 managed to escape balancing changes, making it an excellent option in Warzone 2.

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The nimble SMG will remind players of the classic MP7 as the look and feel are identical. With the right build, the VEL 46 is the perfect partner for a long-range Assault Rifle in Season 3 Reloaded.

8. TAQ-56

TAQ-56 assault rifle in warzone 2Activision
The TAQ-56 is one of the best weapons to use in Warzone 2.

If you’re looking for a weapon that’s versatile and easy to use, you can’t go wrong with the TAQ-56 Assault Rifle in Warzone 2.

Also known as the SCAR, the TAQ-56 is one of the best Assault Rifles in Warzone 2. Surviving another update and remaining viable despite another nerf in Season 3 Reloaded.

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Combining great long-range performance and extremely low recoil with reasonable mobility, the TAQ-56 is a great option if you find the ISO Hemlock’s 45-Round Mag too small.

7. Lachmann Sub

warzone 2 lachmann subActivision
The Lachmann Sub strongly resembles the classic MP5.

The Lachmann Sub, otherwise known as the infamous MP5, is becoming difficult to ignore in Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded. Since Warzone 2’s launch the Lachmann Sub has remained a viable weapon, and following the latest update it finds itself as one of four SMGs in our top 10 weapons list.

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You’ll notice that this phenomenal SMG is extremely reliable in mid-range combat, allowing players more flexibility when it comes to creating their loadouts. Even if you pair the weapon with an AR, you may prefer the Lachmann Sub in certain mid-range scenarios.

6. ISO Hemlock

ISO Hemlock Assault Rifle in Warzone 2Activision
The ISO Hemlock received a nerf with the Season 3 Reloaded update.

Following the Season 3 Reloaded update, the ISO Hemlock received nerfs to its damage profile. That makes it back-to-back nerfs for the dominant AR, and yet it remains a viable option in Warzone 2.

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With a combination of low recoil and hard-hitting bullets, the ISO Hemlock can continue to dominate. Landing headshots will be extremely easy, making its already impressive TTK feel lightning-quick.

While it’s no longer the undisputed top option, you can still rack up kills with the AR. It’s also slightly let down by its 45 Round Mag, which makes it a better option on Ashika Island.

5. Vaznev-9k

Vaznev-9 SMG in Warzone 2Activision
The Vaznev-9k is a powerful all-rounder.

The Vaznev-9k is the weapon of choice for Call of Duty League SMG players, and it’s a great choice in Warzone 2 as well.

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What makes the Vaznev-9k such a great choice is that it’s a fantastic all-rounder, with its low recoil making it extremely consistent even at those medium ranges. Its naturally low recoil means you can prioritize mobility when building your loadout, making for a speedy and easy-to-use choice.

4. Kastov-74u

Kastov-74u assault rifle in warzone 2Activision

The Kastov-74u Assault Rifle is an excellent hybrid between ARs and SMGs. Although it doesn’t have the most range, using it up close will allow you to contend with the best close-range weapons in the game.

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Pair the Kastov-74u with something for long-range or use it as an Ashika Island primary weapon and you’ll be extremely dominant in almost any fight you take.

3. PDSW-528 – Best SMG in Warzone 2

PDSW in Warzone 2Activision
The classic P90 is surging up the ranks in Warzone 2.

The PDSW-528 finally rises up the list of best weapons in Warzone 2, all the way to the third spot. There’s no shortage of excellent SMG options in Season 3 Reloaded, but the PDSW is making a case for the top spot.

The PDSW was one of the only SMGs to avoid nerfs with the Season 3 and Season 3 Reloaded updates. It was always a menace up close and personal due to a fast fire rate. With other top SMGs receiving nerfs, the PDSW is getting a chance to shine in the spotlight.

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2. Chimera – Best Assault Rifle in Warzone 2

Chimera assault rifle in warzone 2Activision
The Chimera is the perfect Assault Rifle/SMG hybrid.

If you’re a fan of sniping in Warzone 2 or just want an extremely versatile Assault Rifle, then Season 1 Reloaded’s Chimera Assault Rifle is the weapon for you.

Acting as the perfect middle ground between an Assault Rifle and SMG, the Chimera is an excellent sniper support weapon in Warzone 2 because of its fast fire rate and high mobility. You won’t be using it to beam enemies across the map, but you’ll almost never feel at a disadvantage when using it in the close-medium quarters fights of Ashika Island.

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1. Cronen Squall – Best gun in Warzone 2 right now

Cronen Squall with Warzone 2 logoActivision

Since arriving in the Season 3 update, the Cronen Squall has had an immediate impact on the Warzone 2 meta. As a Battle Rifle, it’s no surprise that the Cronen Squall is as steady as they come.

Several Warzone 2 experts discovered that utilizing the weapon in semi-automatic mode increases its stability and takes it to new heights.

It managed to extend its hot start into a hot streak following the Season 3 Reloaded update. Top-tier options like the ISO Hemlock were nerfed, but the Cronen Squall remained untouched.

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Prior to the update, we noted that the long-range weapon could eventually take the top spot as the season goes on, and it managed to accomplish this feat before Season 4.

That wraps up the top 10 weapons in Warzone 2, but feel free to experiment with some of the other guns on offer as you might just find your favorite.

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