Best guns in Warzone Season 4: Every weapon ranked

Liam Mackay
Makarov in Warzone Rebirth Island

Warzone’s Season 4 carried several weapon buffs and nerfs to the best guns in the game. So, we’ve ranked each weapon in Warzone, including a countdown of the top 10 best picks.

If you’re looking to instantly rack up victories in Warzone Season 4, using the best guns will allow you to continue winning games and dominate Urzikstan, Rebirth Island, Fortune’s Keep, and Vondel.

To help you pick the best one, we’ve listed the top 10 guns you can use in Warzone, ranking weapons in a tier list from best to worst.

Best Warzone guns: Ranked tier list

Here’s every Warzone weapon ranked from best to worst in a tier list:

TiersWarzones guns
SDG-58 LSW, SVA 545, MORS, WSP-9, XRK Stalker, Kar98k, Superi 46, FJX Horus, Holger 556, Holger 26, Pulemyot 762, KATT-AMR, MTZ-556, Renetti, ISO Hemlock
ACOR-45, FJX Imperium, RAAL MG, Chimera, M4, ISO 45, Signal 50, MCPR-300, Sakin MG38, RPK, BAS-B, TAQ Eradicator, MTZ-762, Lachmann-762, AMR9, TAQ 56, Bruen Mk9, SOA Subverter, WSP Swarm, TAQ Evolvere, Lachmann Sub, RAM-9, MCW, Striker 9, BAL-27, BP50
BFR 5.56, Lockwood 680, KVD Enforcer, WSP Stinger, VEL 46, Cronen Squall, BAS-P, RAPP H, Tempus Razorback, STB 556, KV Broadside, PDSW 528, KV Inhibitor, SP-X 80, 556 Icarus, P890, Kastov 545, Kastov-74u, Victus XMR, MCW 6.8, TAQ Evolvere, Fennec 45, SO-14, X13 Auto, MTZ Interceptor, Lachmann-556, TAQ-V, RAM-7, Rival-9, M13B, HRM-9, Vaznev-9k, Striker
CSidewinder, Haymaker, Riveter, Longbow, TYR, ISO 9mm, TR-76 Geist, MX Guardian, Lockwood 300, FR Avancer, FSS Hurricane, HCR 56, Carrack .300, FTAC Siege, Minibak, Bryson 800, RPG-7, Riot Shield, MX9, TAQ-M, EBR-14, Lachmann Shroud, Soulrender, DM56, DG-56
DKarambit, Gutter Knife, Tempus Torrent, Stormender, RGL-80, M13C, Lockwood MK2, LM-S, SP-R 208, FTAC Recon, Strela-P, Basilisk, X12 Handgun, JOKR, .50 GS, GS Magna, Crossbow, Pickaxe, Dual Kodachis, Tonfa, PILA, Combat Knife, M16, LA-B 330, Expedite 12, Bryson 890, SA-B 50, Dual Kamas, 9mm Daemon

Keep in mind the weapons within each tier are not ranked in order. In addition, the meta will likely continue to develop as players get used to the Season 4 buffs and nerfs, so this list can change quickly.

Best meta guns in Warzone

10. Pulemyot 762

Pulemyot 762 with Warzone logo
The Pulemyot is extremely comfortable and boasts an impressive rate of fire.

Despite being the previous best gun in the launch of Warzone’s third iteration, the Pulemyot 762 was hit with massive nerf which pushed it back out of the meta picks. However, this LMG has returned in Season 4 thanks to its sizable magazine, incredible damage, and ease of use.

While it’s still no way near the podium, it’s regaining its footing within the most popular choices for long-range in the game.

9. ISO Hemlock

ISO Hemlock Warzone
The MW2 ISO Hemlock received a buff in Season 4.

Despite being a MW2 gun, the ISO Hemlock received a considerable damage buff with the Season 4 update. This Assault Rifle is extremely easy to use and boats great damage, allowing you to kill enemies from long ranges easily.

While it isn’t as competitive as the counterparts in the list, it still feels incredibly familiar making it a great pick in the game.

8. MTZ-556

mw3 mtz-556 with warzone logo
The MTZ-556 is an easy-to-use Assault Rifle in Warzone.

The MTZ-556 claims a spot in the top 10 best guns in Warzone list. Despite not being the most popular pick, this Assault Rifle has highly competitive damage values and little to no recoil. I find this gun a worthwhile choice given its ease of use when using the right attachment combination.

7. MORS – Best Sniper Rifle in Warzone

MORS Sniper Rifle with Warzone logo
The MORS Sniper Rifle was previously featured in SHG’s Advanced Warfare.

After the return of the Kar98k, the MORS was kicked to the second-best long-range Rifle spot. This futuristic CoD Advanced Warfare Sniper has excellent damage values and range. The thing I love most about this gun is the Quick Bolt attachment, which lets me kill opponents in quick succession.

6. Holger 26

Holger 26 Warzone
The Holger 26 is the LMG version of the Holger 556.

A reliable long-range weapon is always a hot commodity across any of Warzone’s maps, and that stays true with the Holger 26. Featuring a slight buff to its headshot multiplier, this LMG has great damage range and competitive fire rate, making it a force to be reckoned with in Warzone.

5. FJX Horus

FJX Horus Warzone
Might seem little but the FJX Horus is extremely powerful in Warzone Season 4.

The FJX Horus is an outstanding SMG in Warzone, boasting a ton of mobility, which excels across small maps like Rebirth Island or Fortune’s Keep. When equipped with the right attachments, this SMG has great damage output and fire rate perfect to dominate close-range distances.

4. Kar98k – Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone

kar98k with warzone logo
The Kar98k was the most popular rifle in Warzone’s original iteration.

Warzone veterans will recognize the Kar98k, as it has dominated the battle royale since its original iteration, and that remains true in Season 4. Returning as a Marksman Rifle with one-shot capabilities, this fan-favorite gun has amazing movement and damage allowing it to eliminate opponents at long distances.

Just like its original version, the Kar98k is extremely easy to use, allowing you to one-shot enemies from afar on the beloved Rebirth Island map.

3. SVA 545 – Best Assault Rifle in Warzone

SVA 545 Warzone
The SVA 545 is the most popular AR in Season 4.

Despite being one of the first Assault Rifles to be unlocked in Warzone, the SVA 545 remains an outstanding pick to dominate the game’s mid to long ranges. This gun is remarkably user-friendly and boasts an impressive damage output, low recoil, and high fire rate.

2. DG-58 LSW – Best LMG in Warzone

DG-58 LSW with Warzone logo
The DG-58 LSW is the most popular long-range pick in Warzone Season 4.

The DG-58 LSW is the best Warzone gun thanks to its outstanding stats for long-range combat as well as excellent mobility. This LMG is the perfect pick boasting outstanding damage, range, and little recoil.

When equipped with the right attachments, its range and damage can be considerably improved making it perfect for both Rebirth Island and Urzikstan.

1. Superi 46 – Best gun in Warzone

superi 46 with warzone logo
The new Season 4 Superi 46 SMG claims a spot in the Warzone meta in its debut season.

Despite being added with the Season 4 update, the new Superi 46 has taken over the close-range meta becoming the best gun in Warzone. This SMG can be unlocked for free through the Battle Pass and has top-tier damage, a blistering fire rate, and amazing mobility.

That wraps up the top 10 weapons in Warzone, but feel free to experiment with some of the other guns on offer as you might find your favorite. Be sure to check out the best controller and PC settings to maximize the potential of these weapons in the game.