Who is Jade in Honkai Star Rail? Leaked abilities & more

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Jade in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is teasing more upcoming characters, so here’s everything we know about Jade so far, including leaked abilities and more.

The Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC) is a prominent faction in the Honkai Star Rail universe, and players are eager to get to know more of its members.

Here’s everything we know about Jade in Honkai Star Rail so far, including her leaked abilities and other details.


Jade in Honkai Star Rail explained

Jade is “an employee of the Strategic Investment Department in the IPC and a member of the Ten Stonehearts,” according to her official Honkai Star Rail description. Players can see Jade during a flashback in Aventurine’s quest in HSR 2.1.

Topaz in Honkai Star Rail
Players are always bumping heads with the IPC.

Topaz and Aventurine are also part of the Ten Stonehearts, the elite employees working for the mysterious Diamond. They can receive immense power from their Cornerstones, which are sacred stones “that seal the authority of an Emanator of Preservation within them.”

Does Jade have a release date in Honkai Star Rail?

No, HoYoverse haven’t confirmed a release date for Jade in Honkai Star Rail yet. However, since the characters for the 2.2 update are almost confirmed, players expect Jade to debut with version 2.3 or later.

We’ll make sure to update this section once we know Jade’s official release date.

Jade leaked abilities in Honkai Star Rail

According to leaks, Jade is a five-star Quantum element character in the Path of The Erudition in Honkai Star Rail. These characters specialize in dealing AoE damage and hitting many targets at once with crowd control abilities.

Here is a glimpse at Jade’s kit, thanks to leaks:

  • Basic ATK – Deals Quantum DMG to a single target and adjacent targets.
  • Skill – Applies the Nephrite effect to a single ally. When the ally with Nephrite attacks an enemy, Jade deals Additional Quantum DMG to the attacked targets. If the ally with Nephrite is not Jade, Nephrite will also increase this ally’s SPD and will consume a percentage of this ally’s Max HP when Nephrite is applied, draining to 1 HP if HP is insufficient. Nephrite’s duration decreases at the start of Jade’s turn. In auto combat, this skill will prioritize Erudition path characters. Only one unit can have Nephrite at a time.
  • Ultimate – Deals Quantum DMG to all enemies and gains a certain number of Enhanced Follow-Up charges. When Jade performs a follow-up attack, if Jade has Enhanced Follow-Up charges, she will consume 1 charge to make it deal extra DMG.
  • Talent – When allies with Nephrite attack enemies, every enemy attacked will provide Jade with a certain number of Credits. When Jade uses her Basic ATK or Ultimate, every enemy attacked will provide Jade with 1 Credit. When Jade reaches a certain number of Credits, she will consume them to unleash a follow-up attack, dealing Quantum DMG to all enemy targets. Additionally, for every enemy that appears on the field, Jade will gain 1 stack of Jadeite, increasing her ATK. This effect persists even after the enemy is defeated or leaves. When Jade performs a follow-up attack, she will gain a certain number of stacks of Jadeite.
  • Technique – When Jade enters the overworld, they summon a following entity. This entity will inflict Blind to nearby enemies, and they won’t detect your team. Upon using this technique, Jade will shoot a bullet at an enemy. If the bullet hits an enemy with Blind, will apply an effect to Jade and another effect to all enemies after entering battle.

Jade’s abilities are being tested, so there might be changes when she finally debuts in Honkai Star Rail. However, players are excited, as some characters can benefit greatly from Jade’s Skill thanks to specific Relics and Light Cones.

That’s everything we know about Jade so far. For more on Honkai Star Rail, be sure to check out some of our other guides below:

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