Honkai Star Rail pity system explained: 50-50, pity counter, more

Trailblazer in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse

Honkai Star Rail is a gacha game in which unlocking your favorite characters and Light Cones is a matter of luck. The game’s pity system is the only thing that brings a little certainty by guaranteeing five-star and four-star drops, and here’s everything about the pity system in Honkai Star Rail.

Although the characters are one of the biggest highlights of Honkai Star Rail, unlocking them is a lot harder than it seems. The same applies to Light Cones because they are locked behind a gacha system as well.

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By spending currencies like Stellar Jade, Honkai Star Rail players can use warps on character and Light Cone banners. Every ten warps include at least one four-star drop, but getting five-star items is naturally a lot tougher.

To save players from endlessly spending currencies, Honkai Star Rail has a pity system like Genshin Impact, so here’s everything you need to know about it.

Departure banner in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse
You can only warp fifty times on the Departure banner in Honkai Star Rail.

How does pity work in Honkai Star Rail?

Character banner pity system

The pity system in Honkai Star Rail ensures that you get a five-star character within every 90 warps on a character banner. All banners in the game have a separate pity counter meaning that performing 75 warps on the Light Cone banner won’t guarantee you a five-star character within the next 15 warps on any of the character banners.

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However, pity carries over updates implying that even if the character/Light Cone featured in an event banner changes, your pity won’t be reset. For instance, if you were unable to get a five-star character from the first 50 warps on Seele’s banner, you’ll get a guaranteed five-star character within the first 40 warps you make on Jing Yuan’s banner.

Light Cone banner pity system

Light Cone banners in Honkai Star Rail are slightly more rewarding as the pity in these banners guarantees a five-star drop at 80 warps instead of 90.

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It is worth noting that pity on a banner in Honkai Star Rail resets once you get a five-star drop from it.

This table will also help you understand the drop rates and pity system in Honkai Star Rail:

Type of bannerFour-star pityFour-star drop rateFive-star pityFive-star drop rate
Character event banner10 Warps5.1%90 Warps0.6%
Light Cone event banner10 Warps6.6%80 Warps0.8%
Stellar Warp (permanent banner)10 Warps5.1%90 Warps0.6%
Departure Warp (starter banner)10 Warps5.1%50 Warps0.6%

What is soft pity in Honkai Star Rail?

Soft pity is an unofficial term used by Honkai Star Rail players when they get a five-star character around 70-80 pulls. Although there’s no official confirmation on this, many believe that your chances of getting a five-star character increase around 70-80 pulls on the banner, and going to the upper limit of 90 is not necessary most of the time.

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Hence, soft pity is players getting a five-star drop between 70-80 pulls while hard pity is when you get the guaranteed five-star drop at 90 warps.

In the case of the weapon banner, hard pity is 80 while soft pity is 60-70 pulls.

Standard Warp banner in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse
The permanent banner in Honkai Star Rail doesn’t have 50-50 mechanics.

How does 50-50 work in Honkai Star Rail banners?

In Honkai Star Rail’s event banners for characters, there’s a 50-50 chance that the first five-star character you get is the one featured in the banners. However, if you don’t get the featured five-star character, the next five-star drop you get is guaranteed to be the featured one. Like pity, the 50-50 count carries over to updates.

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To put all these mechanics into one example:

If you’re pulling on Seele’s banner, there’s a 50-50 chance that the first five-star drop you get from the banner is Seele. Suppose you get a five-star character at the 40th warp but it turns out to be Welt. Now, your banner’s pity will be reset to 0 but the next five-star you get from the banner will be the featured one (Seele or any other character like Jing Yuan who’s currently featured).

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Is there 50-50 in Honkai Star Rail Light Cone banners?

No, instead of 50, there’s a 75% chance that the five-star Light Cone you get from a Honkai Star Rail banner is the one with the boosted drop rate. If you lose this chance, the next five-star drop is guaranteed to be the featured five-star Light Cone.

How to count pity in Honkai Star Rail?

You can count pity in Honkai Star Rail by going to the desired banner’s in-game page and clicking on the View Details page and going to Records. Go back in pages till you find the last five-star drop you got from the banner and start counting the number of warps you’ve made since that.

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Seele's banner in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse
Event banners in Honkai Star Rail remain live for three weeks.

Is the pity in Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact the same?

Yes, Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail have the same pity systems. The only difference is that Honkai Star Rail is still a new game due to which mechanics like rerun banners, shared pity within banners, and Epitome Invocation (for weapon banners) haven’t been introduced yet.

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