Best Silver Wolf Honkai Star Rail build: Light Cone, Relics, teams, more

Silver Wolf in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse

Version 1.1 of Honkai Star Rail finally brings Silver Wolf as a playable character, so here’s how to build this five-star hacker with the best Light Cone, Relic, and Planar Ornament.

After meeting her briefly at the beginning of the game, Silver Wolf is finally a Honkai Star Rail playable character. Players expect her to be one of the most sought-after five-star characters in the game and will make every possible effort to get her as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to add Silver Wolf to your team during her special event, here’s the best possible build that includes a Light Cone, Relics, and more.

Silver Wolf in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse
Players already met the powerful hacker in Honkai Star Rail.

Silver Wolf’s abilities in Honkai Star Rail explained

Silver Wolf is a five-star Quantum element character in the Path of The Nihility in Honkai Star Rail, which means she specializes in debuffing and weakening opponents. She’s featured in the first banner of version 1.1 of the game and is headlining her own limited-time event.

Silver Wolf has the following abilities in Honkai Star Rail:

  • System Warning (Basic attack) – Deals Quantum DMG to a target enemy and has a 65% base chance of inflicting a random Bug for the next 3 turns.
  • Allow Changes? (Skill) – Deals Quantum DMG to a target enemy. Additionally, it has a 75% chance to impose the Weakness of a random ally’s Type on the target. It can also lower the target’s resistance to that Weakness by 20%.
  • User Banned (Ultimate) – Deals 180% of Silver Wolfs ATK as Quantum DMG to a target enemy and causes Entanglement. It can also deal additional Quantum DMG to the enemy if it’s affected by debuffs. When Entangled, the enemy’s action is delayed and at the start of the next turn, the enemy receives Quantum DoT.
  • Awaiting System Response… (Talent) – Causes Entanglement and places bug on enemy. This bugs can reduce the enemy’s ATK, DEF, or SPD.
  • Force Quit Program (Technique) – Immediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, ignores Weakness Types and depletes the Toughness of all enemies. If a target’s Weakness is Broken, it becomes Entangled.

Silver Wolf’s debuffs can be extremely useful in battle, so you should always focus on enhancing her Effect Hit %, Break Effect, and Energy Regeneration for best results. Her Ultimate can also be a powerful asset so you might want to keep an eye on her ATK% as well, but we recommend focusing on her SPD to have more debuffs per turn.

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Best Relics for Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

  • Two-piece bonus: ATK increases by 10%.
  • Four-piece bonus: The wearer’s SPD increases by 6% and Basic ATK DMG increases by 10%.

While the two-piece bonus won’t do much for Silver Wolf, having this full set of Relics can give the hacker some room to apply powerful debuffs on enemies. Since it’s the easiest Relic set to get, you should try it with Silver Wolf.

Thief of Shooting Meteor

  • Two-piece bonus: Increases Break Effect by 20%.
  • Four-piece bonus: Increases the wearer’s Break Effect by 20%. The wearer generates 3 Energy after applying the Break Effect to an enemy.

Alternatively, Thief of Shooting Meteor is one of the best Relic sets for support characters. As you can see, it will improve Silver Wolf’s Break Effect greatly while also enhancing her Energy Regen, making her a pain for any enemy that comes your way.

Silver Wolf attacking enemies in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse
Silver Wolf arrived at Honkai Star Rail with her own limited-time event.

Best Planar Ornament for Silver Wolf

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise is the safest bet for Silver Wolf’s Planar Ornament in Honkai Star Rail. It not only increases her Effect Hit Rate by 10%, but also her ATK up to 25%. It’s a fairly easy Relic set to get, so it should be your first option.

Talia: Kingdom of Banditry is best suited for Silver Wolf since it increases her Break Effect by 20%. What’s more, when her SPD reaches 145 or higher, Silver Wolf’s Break Effect increases again by an extra 28%. This can easily turn the tide mid-battle.

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As a third and more general alternative, Fleet of the Ageless is a Planar Ornament that works well for support characters. It increases Silver Wolf’s Max HP and can also increase the whole party’s ATK when her SPD reaches 120 or higher.

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Best Light Cone for Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail

Incessant Rain

This is Silver Wolf’s signature Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail so it should be your best option to build her.

This five-star Light Cone works similarly to Silver Wolf’s bugs: each time a new turn starts, she implants a random enemy with Aether Code that self-destructs when it’s inflicted with Break. This deals additional DMG to the enemy and can deal a lot more if it has debuffs.

Before the Tutorial Mission Starts

This four-star Light Cone also features Silver Wolf and can be obtained for free by participating in the Starhunt Game that runs until June 19.

Before the Tutorial Mission Starts increases Silver Wolf’s Effect Hit Rate by 20%. Additionally, when she attacks enemies that have reduced DEF, regenerates 4 Energy. This is great to enhance some of Silver Wolf’s most important stats and it’s a great starting point for the character.

In the Name of the World

Welt‘s signature Light Cone is ideal for characters in the path of The Nihility. It increases Silver Wolf’s DMG dealt to debuffed enemies and, when she uses her Skill, the Effect Hit Rate for this attack increases by 18%, and ATK increases by 24%. Alternatively, the Good Night and Sleep Well four-star Light Cone works in a similar way.

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Silver Wolf in Honkai Star RailHoYoverse
Players are eager to get Silver Wolf while her odds are boosted.

Best Honkai Star Rail teams for Silver Wolf

With Silver Wolf, you might need to add another support character that enhances your Honkai Star Rail team. It’s also recommended to have a healer and round up with a powerful DPS like your Trailblazer.

Bailu is still the best healer thanks to her revive ability, so you should add her to your team. Either Bronya or Tingyun can complement Silver Wolf as support characters by increasing the party’s SPD and ATK. You can round up your formation with Seele to deal massive amounts of damage from the start.

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