Best Gepard Honkai Star Rail build: Abilities, Light Cones, Planar Ornament, more

Hamza Khalid
Honkai Star Rail Gepard

Gepard is a five-star character in Honkai Star Rail that will serve as a fine addition to your team. If you to put together the best Gepard build then here’s everything that you need to know.

Honkai Star Rail features a variety of interesting characters that can join your team, and Gepart is a five-star character whose goal as a tank is to keep your team alive, making him a useful asset.

If you’re able to get Gepard on your team then your chances of survival will greatly improve. We’ll break down how to create the best build for Gepard in Honkai Star Rail, complete with Planar Ornaments, Light Cones, and Abilities.

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Gepard is a five-star character in Honkai Star Rail.

Gepard’s Abilities in Honkai Star Rail explained

Gepard’s versatility makes him one of the best characters in Honkai Star Rail. He’s able to apply ice damage that freezes enemies while also providing shields to the entire party, making him ideal for both offense and defense.

Here are all of Gepard’s Abilities in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Fist of Conviction (Basic attack) – Deals single-target Ice DMG equal to 50%–140% of Gepard’s ATK.
  • Darting Ironthorn (Skill) – Deals single-target Ice DMG equal to 100%-250% of Gepard’s ATK that has a 65% chance to inflict Freeze on the opponent for a turn. Frozen enemies take Additional Ice DMG equal to 30%-75% of Gepard’s ATK stats.
  • Enduring Bulwark (Ultimate) – Gepard shields every ally and this shield can absorb up to 30% +150 – 52.5%+769 of his DEF for 3 turns.
  • Comradery (Technique) – Gepard gives a shield to all allies which absorbs 24%+150 of his DEF at the start of the next battle for 2 turns.

Since Gepart protects your whole team, you’ll want to enhance his DEF and the damage that his shields can absorb. You can also try improving his Effect Hit Rate and ATK.

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Best Relic for Gepard

Knight of Purity Palace

  • 2-piece bonus: Increases DEF by 15%.
  • 4-piece bonus: Enhances a shield’s damage absorption by 20%.

The Knight of Purity Palace relic set increases Gepard’s DEF while also providing a buff to the damage that can be absorbed by a shield on any unit.

Best Planar Ornament for Gepard in Honkai Star Rail

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise is a great choice for an offensive set that provides a buff to Gepard’s Effect Hit Rate and ATK, allowing him to dish out more powerful hits.

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Belobog of the Architects provides an additional boost to Gepard’s DEF by increasing it up to 30%.

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Gepard is great for both offence and defense in Honkai Star Rail.

Best Light Cones for Gepard in Honkai Star Rail

Moment of Victory

You can acquire the best Light Cone for Gepard called Moment of Victory from either the banner or Starlight Exchange shop. It grants 24%-40% DEF while also buffing Effect Hit Rate by the same amount.

Getting attacked will grant a 24%-40% bonus DEF until the end of the turn. This Light Cone also increases the chance for the user to be attacked by enemies.

Texture of Memories

Another five-star option for a Light Cone is Texture of Memories which increases the wearer’s effective RES by 8%-16%. If an enemy attacks the user in the absence of a shield, then the user will receive a 16%-32% buff of their maximum HP.

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Best Honkai Star Rail teams for Gepard

If you have Gepard on your team then Seele and Welt will be great teammates as they’ll improve your DPS, allowing you to take down your opponents extremely fast. Another great teammate is Natasha.

Many opponents can inflict status effects such as Bleed and Fire DMG which can counter Gepard’s shield. Natasha helps keep the team strong by removing these effects, allowing Gepard’s shields to stay active.

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