Best Guinaifen Honkai Star Rail build: Light Cone, Relics, teams, more

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Guinaifen splash art in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is boosting Guinaifen once again, and players who’ve unlocked the four-star character must build her to witness her true potential. To help you in the process, we’ve compiled the best Light Cones, Relics, Planar Ornaments, and teams for Guinaifen.

Just like Genshin Impact and other gacha titles, characters are the biggest highlight of Honkai Star Rail. Every few weeks, the developers release new banners loaded with characters, and players can spend Stellar Jade and get the desired items if they’re lucky.

After unlocking your favorite characters in the game, you’d want to collect the best Light Cone, Relics, and Planar Ornaments for them. However, even the most well-built characters cannot excel without a proper team that supports them through shields, healing, and status buffs.

On that note, here’s how to build Guinaifen, a four-star character, in Honkai Star Rail.

Guinaifen smiling in Honkai Star Rail
Four-star characters are easier to get in Honkai Star Rail.

Guinaifen abilities in Honkai Star Rail explained

Guinaifen is a four-star character who belongs to the Fire element and follows the Path of Nihility in Honkai Star Rail. She specializes in dealing damage over time by applying the Burn effect through her Fire attacks.

Her abilities in the game include:

  • Standing Ovation (basic attack) – Deals Fire DMG to a single enemy.
  • Blazing Welcome (skill) – Deals Fire DMG to an enemy and the adjacent opponent. The attack also applies the Burn effect to both targets that eventually deal damage over time based on her attack.
  • Watch This Showstopper (ultimate) – Deals Fire DMG to all opponents on the field and if they already have the Burn effect, the damage is increased greatly.
  • PatrAeon Benefits (talent) – After an enemy takes Burn DMG, they are guaranteed to get the Firekiss effect which increases the damage for three turns.
  • Skill showcase (technique) – Immediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, deals DMG for 4 time(s), dealing Fire DMG equal to 50% of Guinaifen’s ATK to a random single enemy target each time, with a 100% base chance of inflicting Firekiss on them.

Based on this kit, it is safe to assume that you’ll have to make the most of the Burn effect applied by Guinaifen’s attacks in Honkai Star Rail. Use her basic attacks and skill first, and then use the Ultimate to maximize damage.

Guinaifen Trace upgrade priority

You should prioritize upgrading Guinaifen’s skill called Blazing Welcome, and, once you’ve upgraded it fully, the next best Trait is her talent called PatrAeon Benefits. While the former is the main source of her damage, the latter increases the damage dealt to enemies.

Best Relics for Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail

Firesmith of Lava-Forging

  • 2-piece bonus – Increases Fire DMG by 10%.
  • 4-piece bonus – Increases the wearer’s Skill DMG by 12%. After unleashing Ultimate, increases the wearer’s Fire DMG by 12% for the next attack.

Firesmith of Lava-Forging is the tailor-made Relic set for Fire damage dealers like Guinaifen. The 2-piece set increases Fire DMG while the four-piece set boosts Skill damage. Both these effects are ideal for the four-star sub-DPS.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat + Firesmith of Lava-Forging

You can also combine two-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat and two-piece Firesmith of Lava-Forging to grant a noteworthy attack boost to Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail. While Wild Wheat grants a 12% ATK boost, the Lava-Forging relic increases Fire DMG by 10%.

Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail players can explore the open world.

Best Planar Ornaments for Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail

Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise

Guinaifen can greatly utilize the Planar Ornament called Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise which increases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 10% and then increases their ATK based on their Effect Hit Rate. This is useful for debuffers like Guinaifen.

Space Sealing Station

Space Sealing Station is a viable Planar Ornament for damage dealers in Honkai Star Rail, and Guinaifen is no exception. With this set, she can gain an ATK boost and if her SPD exceeds 120, another 12% ATK boost is provided.

Best Relic stats for Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail

While building Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail, you should focus on getting these main stats:

  • Body – Effect Hit% or ATK%
  • Feet – SPD if you’re using Space Sealing Station or ATK
  • Sphere – Fire DMG
  • Rope – Energy Regen or ATK%

You should also aim to get these sub-stats from your Relics and Planar Ornaments:

  • Effect Hit %
  • ATK %
  • SPD

Best Light Cones for Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail

Good Night and Sleep Well

The four-star Light Cone called Good Night and Sleep Well increases damage based on the debuffs applied to the enemy. This also applies to DoT, making the Light Cone a great option for Guinaifen. Due to its rarity, it is more accessible than other five-star Light Cones and you might even Superimpose it by getting multiple copies.

Patience is All You Need

If you’re fine with using five-star Light Cones on four-star characters, Patience is All You Need is a brilliant choice for Guinaifen. It increases core stats like damage and SPD and also applies other DoT effects like Erode and Lightning.

Incessant Rain

The five-star Light Cone increases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 24% and if you’re able to apply three or more debuffs, the Crit Rate is increased as well. Last but not least, all your attacks apply Aether Code to random targets which increases the damage they receive for one turn by 12%.

A damage dealer like Guinaifen can easily make the most of these buffs.

Eyes of the Prey

The four-star Light Cone increases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 20% and increases damage over time by 24%. These are two of the most important aspects of Guinaifen’s kit, and you can maximize her damage easily with Eyes of the Prey.

Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail combat
Honkai Star Rail has turn-based combat, unlike Genshin Impact.

Best teams for Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail

The best teams for Guinaifen in Honkai Star Rail include a main DPS, a support character, and a healer/shielder. Here are some examples:

  • Guinaifen, Kafka, Tingyun, Luocha
  • Sampo, Guinaifen, Asta, Bailu
  • Luka, Guinaifen, Asta, Natasha
  • Sampo, Guinaifen, Tingyun, Fu Xuan

We hope this guide helps you make a powerful Guinaifen who dominates enemies through her Fire damage and DoT abilities. For similar content, check out:

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