Best Argenti Honkai Star Rail build: Light Cone, Relics, teams, more

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Argenti splash art in Honkai Star Rail

Argenti is the latest five-star character to join the Honkai Star Rail roster with his own story mission and Light Cone. If you pulled Argenti, here’s how to build him with the best possible Light Cone, Relics and more in HoYoverse’s RPG.

Honkai Star Rail players have been talking about Argenti for months due to many leaks and in-game hints that anticipated the colorful character. Now, the five-star unit is headlining the banner of the second phase of the 1.5 update alongside Hanya, and all eyes are on them.

If you spent your Stellar Jade and got Argenti through the gacha system, here’s a guide with the best Argenti build in Honkai Star Rail, which includes Light Cones, Relic sets, teammates, and more.

Argenti in Honkai Star Rail
Argenti debuted in Honkai Star Rail’s story with update 1.5.

Argenti’s abilities in Honkai Star Rail explained

Argenti is a five-star Honkai Star Rail Physical element character in the Path of The Erudition. This means he specializes in dealing massive amounts of AoE (Area of Effect) damage. Argenti is currently boosted in the second phase of update 1.5 in his own banner titled Thorns of Scented Crown.

Here are all of Argenti’s abilities in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Fleeting Fragrance (Basic ATK) – Deals Physical DMG to a single target enemy. The amount of DMG equals 50%—110% of Argenti’s ATK stat.
  • Justice, Hereby Blooms (Skill) – Deals Physical DMG to all enemies. In this case, the DMG equals to 60%—132% of Argenti’s ATK
  • For In This Garden Supreme Beauty Bestows (Ultimate) – Consumes 90 Energy and deals Physical DMG to all enemies. This Ultimate deals DMG equal to 96%—172.8% of Argenti’s ATK.
  • Merit Bestowed in “My” Garden (Ultimate) – Consumes 180 Energy and deals Physical DMG to all enemies, and further deals DMG for 6 extra times, with each time dealing Physical DMG to a random enemy. This second Ultimate deals DMG equal to 168%—302.4% of Argenti’s ATK, which makes it extremely powerful.
  • Sublime Object (Talent) – For every enemy hit when Argenti uses his Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate, regenerates Argenti’s Energy by 3 and grants him a stack of Ascend. This increases his CRIT Rate, and this effect can stack up to 10 times.
  • Manifesto of Purest Virtue (Technique) – After using the Technique, enemies in a set area are inflicted with Daze for 10 seconds. Dazed enemies won’t attack the team. What’s more, when attacking a Dazed enemy to enter combat, Argenti deals Physical DMG to all enemies and regenerates his Energy by 15.

As you can see, Argenti is a very unique character, as he’s the only unit that has two different Ultimate abilities. What’s more, his second Ultimate is one of the most powerful in the game. Additionally, being a character in the Path of The Erudition allows him to deal damage to multiple enemies, but not all characters can attack all enemies at once like Argenti, making him a great asset in battle.

Since the Knight of Beauty is all about making damage, players should focus on improving his CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, ATK, and Physical DMG. They can also improve his SPD to make him participate more often in battle.

Best Relics for Argenti in Honkai Star Rail

Champion of Streetwise Boxing

  • Two-piece bonus: Increases Physical DMG by 10%.
  • Four-piece bonus: After the wearer attacks or is hit, their ATK increases by 5% for the rest of the battle. This effect can stack up to 5 times.

Champion of Streetwise Boxing is the go-to Relic set for Physical damage dealers in Honkai Star Rail. The complete set can increase Argenti’s ATK gradually in a fight, which can make him a force to be reckoned with.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

  • Two-piece bonus: ATK increases by 10%.
  • Four-piece bonus: The wearer’s SPD increases by 6% and Basic ATK DMG increases by 10%.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat is the easiest Relic set to get in the game and it can also work great for Argenti. The set improves all the right stats, so you can use the complete four-piece set, or you can combine it with another two-piece set like Champion of Streetwise Boxing.

Argenti's Ultimate in Honkai Star Rail
Argenti’s Ultimate is one of the most powerful in Honkai Star Rail.

Best Planar Ornament for Argenti in Honkai Star Rail

Inert Salsotto is the best overall Planar Ornament for Argenti in Honkai Star Rail. The set increases the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 8%, and when their current CRIT Rate reaches 50%, it increases the wearer’s Ultimate and follow-up attack DMG by 15%. Players building Argenti should try to maximize the DMG his Ultimate can do, and this Planar Ornament is perfect for that.

On the other hand, Firmament Frontline: Glamoth is another interesting option for Argenti. This Planar Ornament was added with update 1.5, and it increases the wearer’s ATK by 12%. Additionally, when the wearer’s SPD is equal to 135 or higher, the wearer deals more DMG.

However, if you have any trouble getting these sets, you can also try the good old Space Sealing Station. This DPS-focused Planar Ornament increases the wearer’s ATK by 12%, and when the wearer’s SPD reaches 120, it increases it by another 12%. Since you want Argenti dealing as much DMG as he can, this is a very reliable option.

Best Light Cone for Argenti in Honkai Star Rail

An Instant Before A Gaze

Like the rest of the five-star characters in Honkai Star Rail, Argenti debuted alongside his signature Light Cone called An Instant Before a Gaze. This Light Cone increases the wearer’s CRIT DMG by 36% for starters, which is already a lot. Then, when the wearer uses their Ultimate, it increases the Ultimate’s DMG based on their max energy.

This is the best Light Cone for Argenti, but it doesn’t look like many other characters can benefit from it.

Today Is Another Peaceful Day

This Light Cone increases the wearer’s DMG based on their Max Energy after entering battle. This works like magic with Argenti since he’s the character with the largest amount of Energy in the game. DMG increases by up to 0.40% per point of Energy, up to 160 Energy.

Before Dawn

Jing Yuan’s signature Light Cone is an interesting alternative for Honkai Star Rail characters in the Path of The Erudition. This Light Cone increases the wearer’s CRIT DMG alongside their Skill and Ultimate DMG by different amounts. This Light Cone also improves the DMG dealt by follow-up attacks, but it’s not something you’ll be using with Argenti.

Make the World Clamor

Last but not least, Serval’s Light Cone is also good for Argenti’s build. With it, the wearer regenerates up to 32 Energy immediately upon entering battle and increases Ultimate DMG by up to 64%, which is ideal for Argenti.

Argenti in Honkai Star Rail
The Knight of Beauty worship the fallen Aeon Idrila.

Best Honkai Star Rail teams for Argenti

With Argenti in your Honkai Star Rail team, you won’t need to worry about dealing more DMG, so the best thing to do is pair him with support characters and a healer.

If you’re looking for a free-to-play composition, you can build a team with Natasha as your healer, Yukong as support, and the Fire Trailblazer as tank. This will deviate the enemy’s attention away from Argenti so he can deal massive damage while being boosted by allies.

If you have already pulled other premium characters, you can change characters while maintaining the roles. The best support characters for Argenti include Bronya, Tingyun, and Hanya. Huohuo, on the other hand, can be a great healer for Argenti with an interesting synergy.

Alternatively, if you have Fu Xuan, you can set her up as your healer/tank to focus your efforts with two support characters focused on boosting Argenti. You can also add a Nihility character like Pela or Silver Wolf to weaken enemies so Argenti can finish them off.

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