How to unlock Fire & Imaginary Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail

Hamza Khalid
Male and female Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail

As you go through the Honkai Star Rail story, you’ll reach points where you can change your Trailblazer’s element to Fire or Imaginary.

The Trailblazer is the main character, and to stay relevant in the meta, you can unlock different Paths and elements for them to learn new abilities and fulfill different roles on your HSR teams.

Here’s everything you need to know to unlock the Fire/Preservation and Imaginary/Harmony versions of the Trailblazer.

Preservation Trailblazer splash art in Honkai Star Rail
Preservation characters provide shields for allies.

How to unlock Honkai Star Rail Fire Trailblazer

The Fire Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail can be unlocked when you complete The Return quest. It’s part of the Roads to the Past Have Long Been Closed chapter in the Trailblaze Mission titled In the Sweltering Morning Sun.

This is the storyline that takes place in Jarilo-VI (Belobog) and has Cocolia as the final boss.

When you arrive at the Evenwinter Hill area, you’ll have to complete the boss fight, and the Fire Trailblazer will be unlocked during the battle. It will take hours of playing before you reach this point in the story so be ready to wait for a while.

How to unlock The Return quest in Honkai Star Rail

To get to the boss fight against Cocolia, you’ll need to reach Trailblaze Level 24. Since the quest is part of HSR’s main story, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting there just by playing.

You can always tackle Caverns of Corrosion, Calyxes, Simulated Universe, and other activities to farm resources and get enough XP to reach that level.

Is Fire Trailblazer good?

The Fire Trailblazer is an interesting Preservation character in Honkai Star Rail, and it has many uses if built correctly. This version has a very useful Taunt ability that draws aggression from opponents. If you pair that with the Trend of the Universal Market Light Cone, you’ll Burn enemies that attack the Trailblazer very often.

While other Preservation characters like Aventurine and Fu Xuan can be extremely powerful, the main character can apply shields to allies on almost every turn thanks to their abilities and Traces. Additionally, it’ss capable of dishing out decent damage to enemies, making it a great unit to face enemies with Fire Weakness.

Harmony Imaginary Trailblazer splash art in Honkai Star Rail
The Imaginary Trailblazer walks the Path of The Harmony.

How to unlock Imaginary Trailblazer in HSR

Honkai Star Rail players can also unlock the Imaginary Trailblazer by completing The Return quest and heading to the “When Charmony Rings Out…” in the Events tab. This is a permanent event after the 2.3 update, so you don’t have to worry about missing it.

Is Imaginary Trailblazer good?

The Imaginary Trailblazer is a unique Harmony character thanks to their Ultimate. This ability allows allies to deal Super Break DMG, a brand-new aspect of battles.

Aside from that, it can also deal decent damage to enemies, so it can be an interesting addition to mono-Imaginary teams.

However, with so many Harmony characters added with the latest updates, players have other options that might be best suited for their teams.

Here’s how to get Tears of Dreams in HSR in case you’re missing essential materials, and here are all characters’ ages & heights alongside our character tier list with the best units in the game.

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