All Gray Zone Warfare tasks: Mission list so far

Aakrit Sharma
Gray Zone Warfare gameplay

You’ll have to complete a wide range of tasks provided by vendors to progress in Gray Zone Warfare. To help you track your progress, here’s a list of all the GZW tasks so far, including how to unlock them.

Gray Zone Warfare has entered Early Access and invites players to start completing quests as soon as they join a faction. These tasks are great for unlocking better items and weapons, and you’ll be able to get them from vendors.

If you want to know how far you’ve progressed in the game, this list of all Gray Zone Warfare tasks will come in handy.

All vendors and their tasks in Gray Zone Warfare

There are six vendors in Gray Zone Warfare that give 150 tasks, so here’s a list of all the tasks discovered so far:


Handshake vendor in Gray Zone Warfare
You can only team up in Gray Zone Warfare with players in the same faction.

Lewis Pell, a.k.a. Handshake, is the vendor that will take you on a trip across Lamang. He manages the region’s operations, public image, and hands-on tasks.

Here are all the tasks you can expect, each linked to one of our guides on how to complete them.



You can call Anton Jackson ‘Gunny’ and he is one of the most loyal traders you can find in Gray Zone Warfare. He formerly worked in the USMC but is the quartermaster at PMC. Here are all the tasks you can get from him:

Lab Rat

Jie, a.k.a. Lab Rat is a friendly vendor in Gray Zone Warfare. Her tasks get intense with time but for starters, you’ll be expected to bring the UNLRA medical supplies.


Laya Hoang, a.k.a. Artisan, has worked at her father’s workshop since childhood and knows everything you can think of about machines and their functioning. Unlike some of the other vendors in the game, she hates both UNLRA and PMC, blaming the former for the upheaval in the world and the latter for making things even worse.

You’ll gain Artisan’s trust by completing the series of tasks listed below:


Turncoat is a simple man trying to survive in the harsh world of Lamang by selling goods and making a fortune. He’ll respect your bold approach to dealing with life-threatening situations, and you’ll want to visit him for intel or weapons.

It’s not a surprise that in your first task, Turncoat asks you to take down hostiles in the Bang Pa region.


Banshee has his foot in everything and is one of the most resourceful vendors you can come across in Gray Zone Warfare. He’s managed to benefit from the current situations in Lamang because he never shies away from a deal and has all the goods required for survival.

We’ll keep updating this guide with the latest information on tasks in Gray Zone Warfare. Until then, you can check out:

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