How to complete Final Liberation task in Gray Zone Warfare: Rebel leader location

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Gray Zone Warfare players in a forest

Turncoat will often deploy you on quests involving eliminating a specific person in gray Zone Warfare, and Final Liberation is one such task. So here’s how to find the rebel leader and complete it in Gray Zone Warfare.

Turncoat in Gray Zone Warfare isn’t readily available as a vendor as you can only unlock him after leveling up several times, somewhere in between levels 8 and 10. Although he is a simple man trying to survive on Lamang Island, his quests will involve blood more often than not.

So buckle up, here’s how to complete the Final Liberation task in Gray Zone Warfare.

How to complete Final Liberation in Gray Zone Warfare

To complete Final Liberation in Gray Zone Warfare, you will need to find and take out the rebel leader of the Lamang Liberation Army, known as Lani Sayavong. It’s quite straightforward on paper, as you simply kill the leader and report back to Turncoat for your reward.

However, finding him is not the easiest of jobs in Gray Zone Warfare. Not only you will have to jump into a massive bunker filled with enemies but also make your way through the forest in the south.

Rebel leader location in Gray Zone Warfare

You can find the rebel leader Lani Sayavong in the bunker at YBL-1, south of Fort Narith in Gray Zone Warfare. If you belong to Mithras Security Systems, you can simply head west from the base camp until you reach the bunker.

YBL-1 location Gray Cone Warfare
Head over to the bunker at YBL-1 to find the rebel leader.

However, this area is heavily guarded, so it is advised that you bring a friend along or a bunch of ammo as you will need it to survive here. Once you have cleared out the guards around the bunker, it’s time to head in.

Here’s how to find the rebel leader in the bunker:

  1. Go down into the bunker and take care of all the enemies to continue moving forward.
  2. Once you see a diversion in the path, move left until you see a few gas suits hanging on the wall beside a door.
  3. Now, make your way through the door and move down the stairs until you reach the floor labeled “-2.”
  4. Here’s where you will meet the boss in a room with a grey door, and he will have a silenced weapon on him so be careful.

Now all that is left to do is simply kill him and report back to Turncoat to complete the quest for good.

Final Liberation rewards in Gray Zone Warfare

Here are all the rewards for completing Final Liberation in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • 4x F-1 Grenade
  • $5900
  • 2000 XP
  • 200 Reputation with Turncoat

And there you have it. That was everything you needed to know about completing Final Liberation in Gray Zone Warfare. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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