How to complete Tools of the Trade task in Gray Zone Warfare

Souhardya Choudhury
Gray Zone Warfare players

Once you have unlocked Artisan in Gray Zone Warfare, she will ask you to fetch her tools for her. So here’s how to complete Tools of the Trade in Gray Zone Warfare.

Artisan’s tasks are some of the most fun adventures in Gray Zone Warfare and you’d definitely not want to miss out on them. However, she will need her tools first to get to work and it’s on you to find them and bring them back to her.

Here’s how you can complete Tools of the Trade in Gray Zone Warfare easily.

Artisan’s Toolbox location in Gray Zone Warfare

To find Artisan’s tools in Gray Zone Warfare, head over to the guarded house next to the Construction Site area in your local town. Keep in mind that the exact location of the house will change depending on your chosen faction and local town.

Here are the exact coordinates of the guarded house for different factions in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Mithras Security Systems (Nam Thaven): 170, 117
  • Crimson Shield International (Kiu Vongsa): 141, 163
  • Lamang Recovery Initiative (Pha Lang): 202, 162

Once you arrive at the aforementioned coordinates, you should be in front of a grey hut, with a sloped ceiling made of tin. However, there will be a few enemies that you will need to take out before heading into the house.

Once you are done, simply head into the house, and grab the Artisan’s Toolbox from the table with a lamp. Now all you have to do is return back to base, and hand over the tools to Artisan to complete the quest.

Tools of the Trade rewards in Gray Zone Warfare

Here are the rewards for completing Tools of the Trade in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • 1x AKMN Weapon
  • 400 Experience
  • 100 Reputation with Artisan

You can now finally begin taking on tasks for Artisan and progress her questline in Gray Zone Warfare. And there you have it, that was everything you had to know about completing Tools of the Trade in GZW. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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