How to complete Who’s In Charge task in Gray Zone Warfare: Commander intel location

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The Who’s In Charge mission in Gray Zone Warzone tasks you with finding out the identity of Fort Narith’s new commander. So, here’s how to complete the Who’s In Charge task.

Fort Narith is among the most dangerous areas in Gray Zone Warfare and you’ll have to explore it thoroughly to complete the Who’s In Charge task. Given by Turncoat, the task sends you into enemy territory to uncover the identity of the fort’s new commander. Naturally, the AI enemies inside the military stronghold don’t react kindly to your presence.

With this in mind, here’s where you can find intel related to the commander and complete the Who’s In Charge task.

Gray Zone Warfare: How to complete the Who’s In Charge task

To complete the Who’s In Charge task in Gray Zone Warfare, head to Fort Narith and enter the Headquarters building. Look for an item named Commander Details Folder inside one of the offices and turn it over to Turncoat to complete the mission.

As mentioned earlier, the area is packed with enemies so proceed with caution. We also recommend keeping the item in your secure lockbox so that it doesn’t get lost in case you die.

Commander Details location in Gray Zone Warfare

To find the Commander Details Folder in GZW, enter the Headquarters building inside Fort Narith located at map coordinates 143 129. Take the staircase all the way up to the third floor and head inside the first room on the right. The folder will be kept on a wooden table in front of a window.

There is a slight chance you might encounter other players around the area, so be wary of that.

Gray Zone Warfare Fort Narith Headquarters location
The intel is inside the Headquarters building.

How to turn over Commander Details Folder to Turncoat in GZW

To turn over the Commander Intel and complete the Who’s In Charge task, head back to base camp. Once you’re there, open up the menu, click ‘Vendors,‘ then select Turncoat, and click ‘Hand Over‘ under Objectives.

Here are the rewards for completing the task:

  • AK-74M
  • 2000 XP
  • +200 Reputation with Turncoat

That was how to complete the Who’s In Charge task in Gray Zone Warfare. For more on the game, check out:

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