Gray Zone Warfare Family Heirloom task guide: Turncoat’s house key spawn location

Aakrit Sharma
Gray Zone Warfare gameplay

Turncoat in Gray Zone Warfare asks you to recover his belongings from an abandoned home in the Family Heirloom task. From finding Turncoat’s house key to the location of his valuables, here’s everything to know about completing Family Heirloom in Gray Zone Warfare.

Turncoat is one of the six vendors currently available in Gray Zone Warfare, and to increase your reputation that helps get access to exciting rewards like the Delta Backpack and SKS, you’ll have to complete his tasks.

A task that you’ll have to complete in this process is called Family Heirloom and although the objectives are pretty straightforward, finding the key to Turncoat’s abandoned house can be tricky.

On that note, here’s how you can complete Family Heirloom in Gray Zone Warfare.

How to complete Family Heirloom task in Gray Zone Warfare

You can complete Family Heirloom task in Gray Zone Warfare by finding Turncoat’s House Key and getting his valuables from the room upstairs. To get the rewards, just Hand Over the valuables to the vendor.

Where to find Turncoat’s House Key

Turncoat’s House key to complete Family Heirloom in Gray Zone Warfare is at coordinates 140 135, in the Nakasa Village located south of Sawmill. Towards the back of the house, there’s a wooden iron table outside the room with the stairs and the key randomly spawns on it.

The exact location that you need to visit is marked in the image below:

Location of Turncoat's house key to complete Family Heirloom in Gray Zone Warfare
Most keys in Gray Zone Warfare required to complete objectives have random spawn rates.

Finding Turncoat’s House in Nakasa Village isn’t tough because it is the only two-floored beige building with windows and a balcony in the area.

Do note that the key doesn’t have a fixed spawn rate so you might have to visit the location repeatedly and hope for the key to be there. Interestingly, when the key spawn rates in the game were bugged, the developers temporarily removed the key requirement to enter Turncoat’s house for collecting the valuables.

Some players in the community have also admitted to finding the house key under the bed in the bedrooms upstairs so if you’re unable to find the key on the table, taking a quick look around more such places across the house is recommended.

Where to find Turncoat’s valuables

Go upstairs and as soon as you reach the top, take a U-turn to the right and enter the room in the back. Turncoat’s valuables are hidden under the bed on the left.

Interact with Turncoat’s valuables to add them to your inventory and now, you are more than ready to net the rewards.

Gray Zone Warfare Family Heirloom task rewards

After collecting Turncoat’s valuables, head back to your base camp and open the Vendors tab. Select Turncoat and Hand Over the items to get the following rewards for completing Family Heirloom in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • 6B23-1 armor
  • 2000 Experience
  • 200 Turncoat reputation

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