How to complete The Congressman task in Gray Zone Warfare: Smartphone location

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The Congressman task in Gray Zone Warfare is all about searching an area for a lost phone. So, here’s how you can complete it and the location of the smartphone.

The Congressman is a task given to you by Handshake in Gray Zone Warfare. It requires you to find the whereabouts of a lost smartphone that belonged to a Congressman with influence, who lost it during a party at the Mighnight Sapphire.

With sensitive information at stake, Handshake will ask you to get the phone back. So, here’s how to complete The Congressman task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare: How to complete The Congressman task

To complete The Congressman task in Gray Zone Warfare, you’ll need to head to the Midnight Sapphire Hotel and look for a specific villa. After finding it, look for a phone inside the house and turn it over to Handshake to wrap up the quest.

Locating both the villa and the phone are the trickiest parts of this quest. Considering how well the phone is hidden, it might escape your attention even if you’re looking in the correct place.

Villa Erica location in Gray Zone Warfare

The lost smartphone in Gray Zone Warfare is located inside Villa Erica at the Midnight Sapphire Hotel. Its map coordinates are 173 166.

Gray Zone Warfare Villa Eric location
The hotel is packed with enemies.

The entire area is filled with identical buildings, so make sure to enter the one sitting on the coordinates. There are many interesting items you can pick up inside the villa besides the smartphone, but you will face AI enemies patrolling the area.

Lost smartphone location in Gray Zone Warfare

To find the lost smartphone in Gray Zone Warfare, enter Villa Erica from the front gate, head forward into the main hallway, and take a left. Now, keep walking until you reach the final room on the left side and head in. The smartphone is hidden behind a couch in this room. The couch is sitting right in front of a window which should help narrow down your search.

Gray Zone Warfare lost phone location
The phone is hidden behind a couch.

Picking up the smartphone will tick off the task objective, but you can also get an extra bit of cash by searching the wall safe in the room just before the one with the lost phone.

How to hand over smartphone to Handshake in GZW

To hand over the smartphone and complete the task in GZW, head back to Base Camp. Once you’re there, open up the menu, click on ‘Vendors,’ then select Handshake, and click on ‘Hand Over’ under Objectives.

Completing the task will grant you rewards such as:

  • M4AI
  • $6500
  • 2000 XP
  • +200 Reputation with Handshake

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