Gray Zone Warfare Girls Just Wanna Have Fun task guide: Ying Vilaysack body location

Aakrit Sharma
Gray Zone Warfare gameplay

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Lab Rat is a grueling task in Gray Zone Warfare that requires you to find what happened to Ying Vilaysack, and here’s how to complete it, including the location of the body.

Your progress in Gray Zone Warfare is tied to tasks handed out by vendors like Handshake, Gunny, and Lab Rat. Doing so increases your reputation and at level 3, you get access to their best items such as attachments, weapons, and more.

Lab Rat is no exception, and to get to her level 3, one of the quests you’ll have to complete is either Lost Lover or Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. If you’ve decided to do the latter, here’s everything to know about completing it in Gray Zone Warfare, including the location of Ying Vilaysack.

How to complete Girls Just Wanna Have Fun task

You can complete the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun task in Gray Zone Warfare by going to Midnight Sapphire and interacting with Ying Vilaysack’s body.

Ying Vilaysack body location

Ying Vilaysack’s body is at coordinates 173 165, and the location in the image below should help you identify the villa which, alongside the interiors of the building, is the same for all factions.

Route to get to Ying Vilaysack's body and complete Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in Gray Zone Warfare
There are three primary factions in Gray Zone Warfare and you have to wipe your character to change it.

An efficient way to get to the villa without too much trouble from hostiles is to use the Hotel 1 LZ at 175 167 and go through the outskirts to reach the back of the villa. Another option is to use Hotel 2 LZ and head north. Either way, the goal is to hop the southern fence of the villa to enter the garden with the hammock.

Follow the white path in front of the hammock and take the right. Take another right to enter the villa and go left. Lastly, enter the final room in the corridor with a body on the bed and interact with Ying Vilaysack to complete the mission.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun task rewards in Gray Zone Warfare

After checking the body, head back to your base camp and choose Vendors. Then, select Lab Rat and Hand Over your intel to get the following rewards for completing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun task in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • 3x HpR-S
  • $5500
  • 2000 XP
  • 200 Lab Rat reputation

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