Can you play Gray Zone Warfare solo? Party size explained

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Gray Zone Warfare is the latest extraction shooter to make huge waves even if it has just been released in Early Access. If you’re wondering whether you should try it solo or with friends, here’s everything you need to know.

Gray Zone Warfare is the latest realistic tactical FPS, set in a huge open world where players must survive while helping their factions. Since the island of Lamang is embroiled in a war between the three groups, you might wonder whether to face this challenge alone or invite some friend to join their squad.

So, here’s what you need to know about Gray Zone Warfare’s multiplayer.

Gray Zone Warfare: Can you play solo?

Yes, you can play Gray Zone Warfare as a single-player, although you should bear in mind that it’s an open-world multiplayer game. This means some mechanics and quests will work best if you’re teamed up.

For example, if downed by an enemy, you can only be revived by another player. If you aren’t playing with a squad, then you’ll have to hope that a friendly user will be willing to help you.

How to play with friends in Gray Zone Warfare

In Gray Zone Warfare, you can only team up with other players in the same faction as you. If they are, here are the steps to invite them to your squad:

  1. Open the Main Menu, and look for the Friends list in the top right of the screen.
  2. Open the Friends menu, and search for their name tag.
  3. Send them a Friend Request.
  4. After adding them to your Friend list, click on the arrow beside their name and press the “Invite to Squad” button.
gray zone warfare menu screen with arrow pointing towards create squad button

How many players can play Gray Zone Warfare? Party size explained

You can join a squad of up to four players in Gray Zone Warfare. Each server can host 48 players, with 16 on each faction per round.

Remember that you can’t change your faction after choosing one, as devs confirmed that the only way to do so is after Gray Zone Warfare’s first wipe. However, you can also create a support ticket and the devs will reset your account for you.

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