How to complete The Brave task in Gray Zone Warfare: Aulii Syvongsa location

Souhardya Choudhury
Gray Zone Warfare co-op gameplay

The Brave is one of Lab Rat’s tasks in Gray Zone Warfare where you need to track down an NPC known as Aulii Syvongsa. Here’s how to complete The Brave task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Lab Rat has some pretty intense quests lined up for you in Gray Zone Warfare. However, one mission that stands out is The Brave, as it involves searching for Aulii Syvongsa, and you will be able to tackle it after completing several other quests for her.

On that note, here’s how to complete The Brave in Gray Zone Warfare.

How to find Aulii Syvongsa in Gray Zone Warfare

To find Aulii Syvongsa in Gray Zone Warfare, head to coordinates 159, 168 in Hunter’s Paradise, north of the Dumping Grounds. Next, you should retrieve a note to learn everything that happened to the NPC.

The Dumping Grounds and Firing Lanes are tightly guarded areas so it’s recommended that you go for a stealthy approach to avoid unnecessary confrontation. This mission doesn’t require any bloodshed, so stirring up trouble can backfire on you if you are outnumbered quickly in Gray Zone Warfare.

There’s a thick jungle on either side of the Dumping Grounds and Firing Lanes so hiding behind bushes and leaves can be a nice strategy. Try to make your way through the north of the facility as you can avoid some heavily guarded checkpoints that way.

Once you move in, move to the central area of the Firing Lanes in Gray Zone Warfare. Here you will find Aulii, but unfortunately, they will be dead and their body will be tied to a wooden pole. However, you will find a note right under them, titled “Goodbye Letter.” Grab that and head over to the base camp.

Finally, hand over the letter to Lab Rat, and the quest will be completed.

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