How to complete Rebel Scum mission in Gray Zone Warfare: YBL Bunker location

Lucas Simons
Player aiming in Gray Zone Warfare

In Gray Zone Warfare, some tasks will make you choose sides, and Rebel Scum is one of the said missions. So here’s how to complete the Rebel Scum task in Gray Zone Warfare.

In Gray Zone Warfare, vendors will handle tasks that act as missions in the game. These tasks, like Rebel Scum, can often be completed instead of another one. After completing Duty to the Country, Handshake will task you with the elimination of a group of rebels.

So, here’s how to complete the Rebel Scum task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Rebel Scum task YBL bunker location in Gray Zone Warfare

To complete the Rebel Scum task in Gray Zone Warfare, you need to travel to coordinates 142, 121, to the YBL Bunker, and kill 20 NPC enemies.

YBL Bunker Location Gray Zone Warfare
The rebel bunker you’re looking for is located south of Fort Narith.

It doesn’t matter what enemies you kill, as long as you kill them in that particular area. Don’t worry, as the place is swarming with enemies and you will be able to complete the mission with ease.

We highly recommend you take a mid-Tier M4 equipped with a silencer and a scope, so you can take down the enemies safely without being detected.

After you kill 20 enemies, return to base and report to Handshake for your reward: A M4A1 rifle, USD 3,900, 1000 Experience, and 150 reputations with Handshake.

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