How to complete Living in Burrows task in Gray Zone Warfare & find generator room key

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The Living in Burrows task in Gray Zone Warfare can be confusing to complete because of the unclear directions and the requirement to get the generator room key. Here’s everything you need to know about completing the Living in Burrows task in the game.

Gunny, thanks to his trades involving weapons and weapon attachments, is pivotal in Gray Zone Warfare and you’ll want to complete all his tasks to increase reputation and get the best deals.

One such task you’ll have to complete to gain the vendor’s reputation is Living in Burrows. It revolves around exploring a bunker and getting valuable intel for Gunny.

Here are the coordinates of the bunker and how to get the generator room key, as well as everything else you need to know to complete the Living Burrows task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare Living in Burrows task guide

You can complete Gray Zone Warfare’s Living in Burrows task by entering the YBL-1 bunker and checking the state of the water filtration unit and the generator. Handing over the intel to Gunny will net you rewards.

YBL-1 bunker location in Gray Zone Warfare

The exact location of the YBL-1 bunker in Gray Zone Warfare is marked in the image below:

YBL-1 bunker location in Gray Zone Warfare
The YBL-1 bunker is loaded with amazing loot so make sure to clear its enemies and items properly.

Although the location is the same for all factions, the exact coordinates differ because the maps are flipped. Based on your faction, these are the coordinates:

  • Mithras Security – 143 122
  • Crimson Shield – 142 121

We don’t have the coordinates for Lamang faction yet but even without them, you can look for a similar place on your map and head to the marked point to complete Living in Burrows.

How to check the state of water filtration unit

Follow these steps to check the state of the water filtration unit:

  1. Use the LIMA 2 or LIMA 1 landing zones to reach the YBL-1 area. Enter the bunker and go down using the stairs.
  2. Take a left and go through the door. Skip the path on your left.
  3. Again, skip the path on the left and enter from the opening marked Corridor A.
  4. Head left as you enter Corridor A and go down from the second door on the right with a similar striped pattern on the sides.
  5. Get down the stairs and turn right upon seeing the -2 sign. When you enter the corridor through the door, take another right.
  6. The third room on the right side of the corridor is where you’ll find the water filtration unit.
  7. Enter the room and go through the path on the left. The water filtration unit will be right in front of you. Interact with it to gather the relevant info.

How to check the state of the generator

Follow these steps to check the state of the generator:

  1. Follow steps 1 to 5 from the list above.
  2. When you take right after entering the -2 corridor, enter the second room on the right with the YBL-1 generator key.
  3. You might find an enemy in the room so enter carefully and after taking everyone out, interact with the generator on the left.

Now, you have all the intel required to complete the Living in Burrows task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Rooms with objectives from Living in Burrows task in Gray Zone Warfare
These are the rooms with Living in Burrows objectives you need to complete.

How to get YBL-1 generator room key

The YBL-1 generator key randomly drops as loot in the YBL-1 bunker in Gray Zone Warfare. You can take down all the enemies in the area and interact with their bodies in hopes of getting the key.

Many in the community have complained about not getting the key and if you’re sailing on the same boat, we recommend reaching out to other faction members who have the key and no longer need it for tasks.

If you’re going to compete Living in Burrows with other faction members, they can also open the room for you.

Living in Burrows Gray Zone Warfare task rewards: How to hand over intel to Gunny

After getting all the intel from the YBL-1 generator, you have to head back to base camp and upon reaching, open the Vendors tab, select Gunny, and choose the option to Hand Over. Doing so will help you get the following rewards:

  • M870
  • 20x Shotgun Cartridges
  • 7000 USD
  • 1000 Experience
  • 150 Gunny reputation

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