How to complete each faction Starting Quest in Gray Zone Warfare

Joseph Pascoulis
gray zone warfare player looking out from mithras base camp

If you’ve just hopped into Gray Zone Warfare you’ll want to know how to complete your Starting Quest for the faction you’ve chosen, so here’s everything you need to know about completing First Recon, Meds Wanted, and Cache Retrieval.

Gray Zone Warfare is a tactical FPS in which players will need to choose between three different factions. This decision will impact the starting town you will go to, as well as who you can party up with. As soon as you join a faction, you’ll be tasked with Starting Quests to complete.

Luckily, these Starting Quests follow the same format for each faction, but as the town layouts and locations are different, the experience won’t be the same. To complete the three Starting Quests in Gray Zone Warfare, here’s everything you need to know including to coordinates to visit.

Gray Zone Warfare Starting Quests

There are three Starting Quests in Gray Zone WarfareFirst Recon, Meds Wanted, and Cache Retrieval. You can pick these tasks up by visiting the different vendors/NPCs in your base camp or by selecting them from the Vendors screen. Here’s a breakdown of the NPCs that you’ll need to speak with to get these starting missions:

  • First Recon – Handshake
  • Meds Wanted – Lab Rat
  • Cache Retrieval – Gunny

How to complete First Recon task in Gray Zone Warfare

First Recon requires players to locate and check areas around their chosen faction’s starting town – the Demolished Building, the Convenience Store, and the Gas Station. Depending on the faction you have chosen, the locations will be different, so here are the coordinates of these spots for each faction:

  • Mithras Security Systems
    • Demolished Building – 170 116
    • Convenience Store – 171 188
    • Gas Station – 170 121
  • Lamang Recovery Initiative
    • Demolished Building – 203 163
    • Convenience Store – 201 163
    • Gas Station – 200 160
  • Crimson Shield International
    • Demolished Building – 141 165
    • Convenience Store – 141 162
    • Gas Station – 144 161

All you need to do is head to these coordinates and locate the landmarks to complete the task. A quick scan inside these coordinate boxes on the map and you should complete the task in no time.

How to complete Meds Wanted task in Grazy Zone Warfare

To complete Meds Wanted, you’ll need to find a box of medical supplies in your faction’s starting town and take it back to the Lab Rat NPC. You can find this medical box in a building that’s located next to the Water Tower in your chosen faction’s starting town. Here are the coordinates for this depending on your faction:

  • Mithras Security Systems – 172 118
  • Lamang Recovery Initiative – 200 163
  • Crimson Shield International – 140 161

Once you’re at the Water Tower, you’ll find a small yellowy roofed building with two rooms that have UNLRA posters on the front. Head into the doorway on the right and inside the room you will find “UNLRA Medical Supplies” on a shelf. You’ll need a 4×4 space in your inventory to pick it up. Once you have it, simply give it to Lab Rat and the mission will be complete.

gray zone warfare medical supplies
Here’s the exact location of where you can find the Medical Supplies in GZW.

How to complete Cache Retrieval task in Gray Zone Warfare

For the Cache Retrieval task in Gray Zone Warfare, you’ll need to place two GPS trackers on caches found in two locations in the starting town – the Warehouse and the Lumberyard. Make sure you take the GPS trackers in your inventory when Gunny gives you the task.

  • Mithras Security Systems
    • Lumberyard – 172 119
    • Warehouse – 172 117
  • Lamang Recovery Initiative
    • Lumberyard – 200 162
    • Warehouse – 201 164
  • Crimson Shield International
    • Lumberyard – 141 161
    • Warehouse – 140 163

You can check out the locations for each of these caches in the images below.

The Lumberyard cache is in the small corrugated metal shed room next to the logs and lumber under some roofing.

gray zone warfare lumberyard cache location
The Lumberyard cache is found in a metal shed.

For the Warehouse cache, once you find the building, go around it until you find the back door. Head inside and you will find the cache on top of some wooden boxes.

gray zone warfare warehouse cache location

Well, there you have it, that was how to complete every Starting Quest in Gray Zone Warfare. For more, check out some of our other guides on the tactical extraction shooter:

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