How to complete It’s in the Water task part I & II in Gray Zone Warfare: Sample locations

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grey zone warfare birdhouse location

Gray Zone Warfare has many tasks for players to get through, and It’s In the Water will take a bit more time since it has two parts. Here’s how to complete It’s in the Water and It’s in the Water II.

Gray Zone Warfare players will need to complete as many tasks as possible while trying to avoid death, so the quicker you can get in and out, the better. That said, some tasks require multiple steps, and that’s the case for the It’s in the Water task in GZW.

So, if you’re wondering how to get both part I and II of the It’s In the Water task complete, here’s everything you need to know.

How to complete It’s In the Water Gray Zone Warfare

To complete part I of It’s in the Water in Gray Zone Warfare, you’ll need to collect three samples in the southwest section of the map, near the Ban Pa Lake. You need to collect a water sample from a well, a ground sample from a pile of soil, and avian tissue samples from a birdhouse.

Upon accepting the task from Lab Rat, you’ll receive three Sample Collection Kits. Make sure you take these with you to each sample location.

Water, ground & avian tissue sample locations in Gray Zone Warfare

Here’s an image of all three of these GZW It’s in the Water sample locations and the map coordinates you will find them in:

grey zone warfare sample locations for its in the water task
  • Ground sample location: 206 137
  • Water sample location: 205 136
  • Avian tissue sample location: 205 136

The sand pile is just near some buildings next to the Ban Pa Lake, the well is under some blue wooden panels with a red container on top of it, and the birdhouse can be found outside a building on the shore of Ban Pa Lake with graffiti of an eye on it.

Once you find the sample location, walk up to the sand mound, birdhouse, and well and hit the F button to collect the sample. You’ll then need to head back to Base Camp and hand in the task to Lab Rat in the Vendor tab of the menu.

How to complete it’s in the Water II Gray Zone Warfare

For It’s in the Water Part II, you’ll need to find some evidence of chemical production in the Elder’s House near the Ban Pas Lake. To get inside, you need to find a key on one of the AI enemies around the area.

You can also get in the house by climbing up the containers at the back of the house, jumping onto the fish rack, and then climbing into the window.

Once you’re in the Elder’s House, the task should be ticked off as completed. Here’s an image showing where you can find the Elder’s House in GZW, which has a red eye painted on it.

grey zone warfare elder's house location
Here is where you can find the Elder’s House in GZW.

How to finish It’s in the Water II & collect rewards

Once you’ve gotten inside the Elder’s House, simply leave the way you came in and head back to Base Camp. Go to the Vendors tab and complete the task for Lab Rat to earn your rewards.

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