How to complete Gray Zone Warfare Save the Rebellion task: Flash drive location

Aakrit Sharma
Gray Zone Warfare gameplay

Save the Rebellion by Artisan is one of the most high-risk tasks in Gray Zone Warfare and here’s everything to know about completing it, including the whereabouts of the flash drive and the guardhouse.

Artisan in Gray Zone Warfare is unlocked after Handshake, Gunny, and Lab Rat, and her tasks are a lot more intense but equally rewarding. One such task is called Save the Rebellion in which you have to leave a flash drive in a guardhouse loaded with enemies.

Here’s how you can complete the Save the Rebellion task in Gray Zone Warfare for all factions.

How to complete Gray Zone Warfare Save the Rebellion task

Follow these steps to complete Save the Rebellion task in Gray Zone Warfare:

  1. When you’re at the base camp, grab the flash drive from the green command tent near the helicopter landing zone. The drive is placed between the computer and the ashtray on a table.
  2. The flash drive is a valuable item that you wouldn’t want to lose before reaching the guardhouse, so it’s best to place it in your SafeLock.
  3. Now, visit the YBL-1 Storage Entrance which is located on the bottom left corner of the entire map. You’ll find the guardhouse in front of the main entrance and the exact location has been marked in the image below.
  4. Enter the guardhouse and place the flash drive on the notepad near the two screens.
  5. You can either take out the enemies in the area or come back directly after placing the hard drive. If you choose the former, make sure to have enough ammo as well as weapons.
Flash drive location in Gray Zone Warfare
Being in the same factions lets you team up in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare task rewards in Save the Rebellion

You can get the following rewards by completing Save the Rebellion in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • AKMN
  • 1000 EXP
  • 160 Reputation

To get these rewards though, you’ll have to head back to an extraction camp and reach the base camp where you can open the Vendors tab and select Artisan.

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