How to complete EOD task in Gray Zone Warfare: Detonators location

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Want to complete the EOD task for Banshee in Gray Zone Warfare and get all the rewards he has in store for you? here’s everything you need to know to complete this task easily in Gray Zone Warfare.

Banshee is a resourceful man in Gray Zone Warfare who never shies away from any opportunity to earn money, so sticking with him and completing his tasks can be highly beneficial. After completing the Timber task for him, he will ask you to revisit the Sawmill and take care of a new task called EOD.

So here’s how to complete EOD in Gray Zone Warfare.

How to complete EOD in Gray Zone Warfare

To complete EOD in Gray Zone Warfare, you will need to retrieve the detonators kept by hostiles in the Sawmill. Once you locate and get the required items, you can simply hand them over to Banshee to complete the task.

Detonators location in Gray Zone Warfare

Detonators location in Gray Zone Warfare
You can find the Detonators in one of the offices.

You can find the Detonators in Gray Zone Warfare by visiting the second office in the Offices area of the Sawmill and going through the first door on the left. However, keep in mind that you will need the Sawmill Office Key to open this door.

Considering you have already cleared out the area, simply search the bodies of all the enemies until you find the key. Once you have it, head through the door and grab the Detonator Case from the desk. Keep in mind that this is a 2×2 item so it’s better to leave some space in your inventory.

How to hand over Detonator Case in Gray Zon Warfare

Once you have collected the Detonator Case in Gray Zone Warfare, simply head to an extraction point and get into the helicopter to your Base Camp. Now simply select Banshee from the list of Vendors in the menu, and then select Hand Over to complete the quest.

EOD rewards in Gray Zone Warfare

Here are the rewards you get by completing EOD in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • 2x TC-2002
  • 1000 XP
  • 150 Reputation with Banshee

And there you have it, that was everything you had to know to ace this task completely. For more on Gray Zone Warfare, check out our other guides:

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