Gray Zone Warfare Out of the Blue task guide: How to find intel

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Gray Zone Warfare gameplay

Out of the Blue is one of the most challenging tasks you can take up in Gray Zone Warfare early on. From the intel’s location to how to clear all the enemies that spawn in Blue Lagoon, here’s everything to know about completing Out of the Blue task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gunny is one of the most important vendors in Gray Zone Warfare as you can trade weapons and weapon attachments with him. To unlock these trades though, you need to complete tasks from Gunny and some of them like Out of the Blue can be quite challenging to finish solo.

On that note, here’s how to complete Out of the Blue in Gray Zone Warfare, including the location to find the intel and how you can fire through objectives without getting sprayed by the enemies.

How to complete Out of the Blue task in Gray Zone Warfare

You can complete Out of the Blue in Gray Zone Warfare by clearing all enemies near the Blue Lagoon hideout, picking up the intel, and handing it over to Gunny.

Where to find the intel in Out of the Blue

The Blue Lagoon hideout where you can find the intel to complete Out of the Blue in Gray Zone Warfare is located at 203 116. The exact location has been marked in the image below as well:

Blue Lagoon hideout with the intel to complete Out of the Blue task in Gray Zone Warfare.
Blue Lagoon is located between two landing zones.

How to reach Blue Lagoon hideout for all factions

To reach the Blue Lagoon from Nam Thaven, you’ll most likely have to walk directly from your base and during this process, you should focus on unlocking two LZs named Kilo 1 and Kilo 2 that are located left and right of Blue Lagoon respectively.

Crimson and Lamang faction members also have to reach the location by foot and for them, the best route is to reach the India 2 LZ near Ban Pa or Julet 1 LZ right on top of Tiger Bay. From there, travel through the outskirts to unlock Juliet 2 LZ located west of Tiger Bay. Continue going forward from the outside and unlock Juliet 3 LZ to finally head south and reach the Blue Lagoon.

Tiger Bay is one of the most dangerous areas in Gray Zone Warfare, so it’s better to stay away unless you’re confident about your team’s potential and intent.

We’ve marked the best route to reach the Blue Lagoon hideout in Gray Zone Warfare for Crimson Shield International and Lamang Recovery Initiative faction members:

Route to reach Blue Lagoon hideout in Gray Zone Warfare.
Avoid entering Tiger Bay while completing Out of the Blue as you’ll lose valuable items if defeated.

Once you enter Blue Lagoon, reaching the desired hideout will still be quite difficult due to the abundance of enemies. You can also use stealth to get out unharmed but it is unlikely because a lot of times, you’ll be taken out by unknown enemies that can spray through trees and other objects too.

So, your safest bet is to carry a ton of weapons, ammo, and medical supplies. Any other items that won’t benefit you during combat can be dropped because it’s hard to predict how much ammunition and healing you’ll need.

Once you’re sure about defeating all the hostiles, head to the house with three huge windows and chairs. The intel you need is on a table on the left of the house.

Out of the Blue task Gray Zone Warfare rewards: How to hand over intel to Gunny

Here are the rewards you can get in Gray Zone Warfare by completing the Out of the Blue task:

  • M700
  • 5,500 USD
  • 1000 Experience
  • 150 Gunny reputation

To get these rewards, you first have to head back to your base camp from a nearby extraction camp. There, click on Vendors and select Gunny where you’ll get the option to hand over the intel to finalize quest completion.

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