How to complete Native Negotiations task in Gray Zone Warfare: Car repair shop location

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grey zone warfare character aiming at car repair shop sign

Native Negotiations is a task in Gray Zone Warfare that requires players to leave a briefcase under a truck. If you’re struggling to find where you need to go, here’s exactly how to complete the mission.

Gray Zone Warfare is full of tasks that require you to head to different locations and complete objectives. While many can be tedious, the rewards are more than worth it. Native Negotiations requires players to collect a briefcase and place it at a specific location.

Here’s everything you need to know to complete Native Negotiations, including the car repair shop and truck locations.

Grey Zone Warfare: How to complete Native Negotiations task

To complete Native Negotiations in GZW given by the Lab Rat Vendor, all you need to do is collect the briefcase from the Command Tent at Base Camp and place it under a white truck in the starting town’s car repair shop.

Each faction has the same starting town, they’re just on different rotation axes and have different names.

Native Negotiations car repair shop & truck location in Grey Zone Warfare

Here are the car repair shop map grid coordinates for each faction’s starting town in GZW:

  • Lamang Recovery Initiative – 203 163
  • Mithras Security Systems – 170 117
  • Crimson Shield International – 141 164

Once you find the car repair shop, head through the big metal gate and walk over to the big white truck. Simply hold the interact button (F) next to this truck and you will have successfully placed the briefcase as long as it was in your inventory.

Make sure you actually put the briefcase in your inventory when you pick it up from Base Camp, as otherwise, you will not be able to place it.

grey zone warfare player beside white truck
Place the briefcase under the white truck in the car repair shop to complete Native Negotiations.

How to collect Native Negotiations task rewards in Grey Zone Warfare

Once you have successfully dropped off the briefcase under the truck, exfil and head back to Base Camp, open your menu, and go to the Vendors tab to redeem your rewards.

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