Is Gray Zone Warfare down? Server status & maintenance explained

Lucas Simons
Gray Zone Warfare

Running into issues when trying to connect to the Gray Zone Warfare servers? Here’s whether Gray Zone Warfare servers are down or not and how you can check for yourself.

Gray Zone Warfare is a realistic tactical FPS set in a vast open world that combines both PvE and PvP experiences. However, players want to know if they can play the game and if the servers are currently available.

To save you the trouble of checking Gray Zone Warfare status every time, here is the current status of the servers, along with several alternative ways to check if it’s working.

Current Gray Zone Warfare server status

Gray Zone Warfare servers are currently online, but players have reported being kicked from the game. Hotfix 4, which was rolled out on May 24, addressed several glitches and crashing issues, but there might still be some errors caused when downloading the newest versions of the game.

Madfingers Games have recommended following these steps to prevent any of the mentioned issues:

  1. Safely Exit from Base Camp.
  2. Restart Steam by going offline and back online.
  3. Update Gray Zone Warfare with the rest of your squad.
  4. Log back in.

How to check Gray Zone Warfare server status

You can check the Gray Zone Warfare server status in various ways:

And that’s all you need to know about Gray Zone Warfare server status. If you want to know more about the game, we have a full weapons guide here. There are a lot of missions in the game, like the Medical Detective task, or Lost and Found that require a lot of team cooperation. So you better go prepared with the best M4A1 build.