How to complete Warm Welcome task in Gray Zone Warfare: Gang leader location

Aryan Singh
A dense forest in GZW

The Warm Welcome task in Gray Zone Warfare is all about hunting down a gang leader who rules over Ban Pa with an iron fist. So, here’s how to eliminate him and complete the Warm Welcome task.

The first few tasks given to you by Turncoat in Gray Zone Warfare play out around Ban Pa village, including Warm Welcome. The mission revolves around a gang leader who has effectively taken over the village and struck fear in the hearts of its residents.

Eliminating the leader could convince his subordinates to turn tail and leave the village alone, which is what you are tasked with doing. So, here’s how to complete the Warm Welcome task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare: How to complete Warm Welcome task

To complete the Warm Welcome task in Gray Zone Warfare, head to Ban Pa and eliminate the gang leader. The village and the surrounding areas are packed with enemies, so you’ll need to come prepared for a battle. But the amount of enemies you gun down doesn’t matter, as your main objective is the gang leader.

Gang leader location in Gray Zone Warzone

The gang leader in the Warm Welcome task spawns around Ban Pa, which is located at map coordinates 205 137. He can spawn at multiple places around the village, including the Elder’s House, Warehouse, or the Stilt Houses.

Gray Zone Warfare gang leader
The gang leader has a distinct appearance.

Identifying him is pretty easy as he looks different from other enemies in the village and wears a military vest paired with sunglasses. After taking him out, you can also loot his body and get the Elder’s House key.

Warm Welcome task rewards in GZW

Here are the rewards for completing the Warm Welcome task in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • SKS
  • x3 F-1 grenades
  • 1000 XP
  • x150 Reputation with Turncoat

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