How to complete Little Bird Down task in Gray Zone Warfare: Crashed helicopter location

Joseph Pascoulis
gray zone warfare character looking at helicopter

Gray Zone Warfare has many tasks for players to get through, but if you’re struggling with the Little Bird Down mission given to you by Handshake, here’s how to find the crashed helicopter and complete the task.

Gray Zone Warfare is all about completing tasks and looting in order to upgrade your gear and weapons. Some tasks can prove difficult, especially if your mission requires some searching around.

The Little Bird Down task given by the Vendor Handshake requires you to find a crashed helicopter, so here’s where to find it and how to complete the task.

How to complete Gray Zone Warfare Little Bird Down task

Gray Zone Warfare players need to explore the fields past the Gas Station in the starting town to locate the crashed helicopter, which is usually found in the long grass near the woods. You’ll then need to locate the building that can be seen from the crash site. Head towards it and take out the guards. Get inside the building and once you walk over to the dead body you will have completed the task.

Crashed helicopter location in Gray Zone Warfare: All faction coordinates

Here are the coordinates of the crashed Helicopter for each faction in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Lamang – 199, 159
  • Mithras – 170, 124
  • Crimson – 145, 150
gray zone warfare crashed helicopter location
The crashed helicopter can be found just past the Gas Station.

How to claim rewards for Little Bird Down in GZW

Once you have completed both tasks of locating the crash site and finding out what happened to the crew, head back to your faction camp and complete the task in the Vendors tab for your rewards.

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