How to complete Secret Compassion task in Gray Zone Warfare: All box locations

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gray zone warfare player with gun at farm in starting town

Wondering where to place the supplies in Gray Zone Warfare’s Secret Compassion task given by Lab Rat? Here’s everything you need to know including all the location coordinates for each faction.

There are so many tasks to get through in Gray Zone Warfare, and some are more difficult than others. You’ll be tasked with finding a location and carrying out a task, but sometimes the objective is difficult to find, which seems to be the case for the Secret Compassion mission given by Lab Rat in GZW.

If you’re struggling to find where the location of the boxes you need to place the supplies, here are all their locations so that you can complete the early game task Secret Compassion in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare: How to complete Secret Compassion task

GZW‘s Secret Compassion task requires players to locate and place supplies in three different boxes that are scattered around the outskirts of your chosen faction’s starting town. No matter which faction you choose, these locations are the same, however, their coordinates are different due to the change in rotation of each starting town.

Gray Zone Warfare Secret Compassion box locations for all factions

Here are all the Gray Zone Warfare box locations and their coordinates to complete the Secret Compassion task:

  • Lamang Recovery Initiative
    • 202 158
    • 199 163 
    • 201 164
  • Mithras Security Systems
    • 174 119
    • 168 121
    • 172 117
  • Crimson Shield International
    • 145 162
    • 140 160
    • 139 162
gray zone warfare secret compassion box locations marked on map
This map shows all the box locations for the Secret Compassion task in GZW.

The box is cream-colored and has holes in it. Two are located at the front door of farm shacks, while the other is by the front door of a logging shed.

It’s important to note that you must pick up the supplies from Lab Rat before you head off to the boxes. You may also want to take one at a time just in case you die, as then you’d have to pay for all three if you lose them, as opposed to just purchasing one for $50.

How to get rewards for Secret Compassion task in Gray Zone Warfare

Once completed, head back to your faction‘s base camp and claim your rewards in the Vendors tab of the menu.

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