How to complete Gray Zone Warfare Lip Out task: Villa Gosia location

Aakrit Sharma
Gray Zone Warfare gameplay

Handshake in Gray Zone Warfare asks you to help him find a missing person in the Lip Out task, and here’s everything to know about completing this mission, including the location of Gosia villa.

Handshake is one of the first vendors you unlock in Gray Zone Warfare, and completing his tasks can help you get amazing rewards like weapons, attachments, armor, and more.

A task from Handshake that you can complete while roaming around the dangerous Midnight Sapphire region is Lip Out, and there are two parts revolving around Donald J. Dortmunder.

On that note, here’s how to complete the Lip Out task in Gray Zone Warfare and the location of all prominent objectives like villa Gosia.

Gray Zone Warfare Lip Out task guide

You can complete the Lip Out task in Gray Zone Warfare by handing over Donald J. Dortmunder’s phone to Handshake but to trigger the second part, you first have to head to Midnight Sapphire and interact with the guest list.

How to uncover what happened to Donald J. Dortmunder

To uncover what happened to Donald J. Dortmunder, go to the Golf Club at 170 167 in Midnight Sapphire region. You’ll find a guest list in the building’s main reception and checking it out will unlock the second part.

The exact location of the Golf Club with the guest list is marked in the image below:

Midnight Sapphire Golf Club location
You can rely on faction members for keys and combat support to complete tasks.

However, be careful when you visit Midnight Sapphire because it is heavily populated by hostiles. Bringing along faction members as well as your best weapons is recommended as in a solo run, you might get sprayed down quite a few times.

Where to find villa Gosia for the Lip Out task

Villa Gosia in Gray Zone Warfare can be found at coordinates 174 166. Beside Hotel 1 LZ, there’s a curved lane of villas and villa Gosia is the fourth one from the top and the third one from the bottom.

The exact location has also been marked in the image below:

Villa Gosia location to get the phone and complete Lip Out task in Gray Zone Warfare
Enemies can quickly kill you in areas like Tiger Bay and Midnight Sapphire.

You’ll find guards near the main entrance to the villa so be prepared for a battle. After clearing the area, go straight and enter the washroom from the door below the wall clock. Take right and head to the toilet where you’ll find a phone besides blood stains.

Pick this phone up and submit it to Handshake to complete the Lip Out in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare Lip Out task rewards

After completing all the objectives mentioned above, go back to base camp and choose Vendors. Now, select Handshake and choose to Hand Over the phone in the Lip Out task tab.

Upon doing so, you’ll get the following rewards:

  • RPC Armor
  • 8,300 USD
  • 2000 XP
  • 200 Reputation

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