How to complete Celebrity Crash task in Gray Zone Warfare: VHS location

Souhardya Choudhury
Gray Zone Warfare gameplay

Want to get the VHS back from the celebrity’s villa in Gray Zone Warfare? Here’s how to complete Celebrity Crash easily and return back to Handshake in Gray Zone Warfare.

Handshake’s tasks in Gray Zone Warfare often involve retrieving something from enemy bases and the Celebrity Crash is one such quest. With each and every task being quite intense in GZW, Celebrity Crash will surely not disappoint if you love Handshake’s tasks.

On that note, here’s how to complete Celebrity Crash in Gray Zone Warfare.

How to complete Celebrity Crash in Gray Zone Warfare

To complete Celebrity Crash in Gray Zone Warfare, simply head into the villa located in the Midnight Sapphire region and retrieve the VHS. Once done, head over to the base and hand it over to Handshake to complete the task and get your rewards.

VHS location in Gray Zone Warfare

VHS Location Gray Zone Warfare
You can find the VHS right inside the villa.

Head over to the farthest villa located in the Whitewater Villas region in Gray Zone Warfare, coordinates 174, 135, and the VHS would be on a table on the opposite side of the room, right after entering through the main entrance.

Just get to the table and grab the VHS, and the main objectives in your task menu should be completed.

How to hand the VHS over in Gray Zone Warfare

Once you have retrieved the VHS, simply head over to the nearest extraction point in Gray Zone Warfare, and use the helicopter to return to base camp. Once in camp, open the Vendors menu and select Hand Over after clicking on Handshake to complete the quest.

Celebrity Crash rewards in Gray Zone Warfare

Here are the rewards for completing celebrity crash in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • 1x M4A1
  • $6500
  • 2000 XP
  • 200 Reputation with Handshake

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