Best F1 24 car setups for every Grand Prix

Franco Diaz
Sainz on the pole position in F1 24 Japanese GP

F1 24 features all the Grand Prix races on the official Formula One calendar and also allows players to have a completely customized car setup. Check out the best car setups you should be using in F1 24.

In F1 24, winning a race is not an easy task but it’s far from impossible. Having the optimal controller and steering wheel settings can be helpful, but it’s not as crucial as having the best car setup for an F1 24 race.

Check out the best car setups to use in F1 24 Career Mode.

F1 24: Best car setup for every track

F1 24 key art featuring Max Verstappen
Dominate the entire F1 24 calendar like Verstappen and lift the F1 Drivers World Champions trophy.

F1 24 features the 24 Grand Prix of the official Formula One calendar. Check out the list of all GPs available in F1 24 and find out the best car setups for every race.

In F1 24, the car setups will provide you with numerous advantages such as making it easier to tackle any corner, maximizing the top speed, extending the lifespan of your tyres, and much more.

The best car setups in F1 24 will determine whether you are ready to compete for pole position and lift the Grand Prix trophy, or if you need to focus on finishing the race in the points zone and concentrate on the next GP.

Those were all the Grand Prix and the best car setups to use in F1 24. Remember that by racing in F1 24 Career Mode, Challenge Career, or F1 World, you will earn experience to grind the Podium Pass and earn multiple rewards.