Best F1 24 Mexican GP car setup for fastest laps

Franco Diaz
Sergio Perez leading the Mexican GP in F1 24

The Mexican Grand Prix includes high-speed straights and tight corners, where the car setup plays a vital role. Take a look at the best F1 24 car setup for the Mexican Grand Prix.

The Mexican GP is one of the final tracks in the F1 24 Career Mode race calendar. Although this circuit is already a classic in Formula One, no Mexican has ever been able to lift the trophy at home. It’s all up to Sergio Perez, but will you be able to snatch it away in F1 24?

Check out the best F1 24 car setup to win at the Mexican GP.

F1 24: Best Mexican GP car setup

The Mexican GP is one of the most well-balanced circuits in F1 24. The Mexico City racetrack features a long main straight and multiple medium to slow-speed corners. This layout is highly technical, demanding sharp handling.

To help you with this sharp handling, we suggest a setup with balanced aerodynamics to make the most in both medium corners and straights and a slightly soft-leaning suspension setup to help you tackle all slow corners with the best pace possible.


  • Front Wing Aero: 25
  • Rear Wing Aero: 20
F1 24 Aerodynamics setup for Mexican GP


  • Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 50%
  • Differential Adjustment Off Throttle: 50%
  • Engine Braking: 70%
F1 24 Transmission setup for Mexican GP

Suspension Geometry

  • Front Camber: -2.60°
  • Rear Camber: -1.00°
  • Front Toe-Out: 0.10°
  • Rear Toe-In: 0.10°
F1 24 Suspension Geometry setup for Mexican GP


  • Front Suspension: 22
  • Rear Suspension: 9
  • Front Anti-Roll Bar: 7
  • Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 2
  • Front Ride Height: 25
  • Rear Ride Height: 75
F1 24 Suspension setup for Mexican GP


  • Brake Pressure: 100%
  • Front Brake Bias: 56%
F1 24 Brakes setup for Mexican GP


  • Front Right Tyre Pressure: 24.4psi
  • Front Left Tyre Pressure: 24.4psi
  • Rear Right Tyre Pressure: 21.3psi
  • Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 21.3psi
F1 24 Tyre setup for Mexican GP

Best F1 24 race strategy for Mexican GP

The best F1 24 race strategy for the Mexican GP is a single pitstop to avoid losing time during the race. However, with a single stop, there are two possible tyre strategies to use depending on your starting grid position.

If you start among the first ten drivers, we recommend starting with the medium compound and then making the stop to switch to the set of hard tyres.

On the other hand, if you start among the last ten positions, we suggest using a reverse strategy, which means starting with the hard compound to have a long stint at the beginning and then, considering tyre wear, switching to the medium or soft compound to finish the race with good pace.

How to improve in F1 24 Mexican GP

If you want to improve your performance in the Mexican GP, we recommend playing the F1 24 Time Trial mode. There, you can practice the most difficult corners of the circuit, the timing, and the number of times you see fit.

If you’re going to practice before hitting the track, we suggest paying close attention to turns 7 and 13 of the track. Turn 7 marks the beginning of a slalom that ends with the opening of the DRS at turn 10, making it crucial to navigate this series of corners perfectly to accelerate well on the short straight.

On the other hand, the turn 13 is crucial because it’s the slowest corner and leads to the opening of the main straight. Therefore, hitting the braking point correctly at turn 13 is crucial to finishing the lap in the best way possible and starting the new lap even better.

That’s everything you need to know about the Mexican GP setup, including the best F1 24 car setup and how to improve your performance. For more on the game, check out all the new gameplay features such as the F1 World Fanzone, and Career Challenges.

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