What is F1 24 Fanzone? New F1 World feature explained

Franco Diaz
Redbull's Max Verstappen in F1 24 Fanzone

F1 24 offers players a new F1 World feature called Fanzone, which promotes in-game competition and rewards loyal F1 fans. Take a look at everything about the new F1 24 Fanzone feature.

EA Sports delivered major changes in F1 24 such as the overhaul of the Career Mode, and new drivers and tracks updates. Among those new additions, the Fanzone feature also stands out. This new addition aims to increase the game‘s competitiveness in F1 World mode. But how does Fanzone work in F1 24?

Take a look at everything you need to know about the new F1 24 Fanzone.

F1 24 Fanzone explained

F1 24 Fanzone is the new addition that EA Sports introduced in F1 World, rewarding fans’ loyalty to their favorite drivers and teams – “it’s not a popularity contest, we’ve made sure it’s not the Fanzone that’s got the most fans, it’s the zone that’s most effective in F1 World,” explained Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters, during an interview with CharlieIntel.

Upon entering F1 World for the first time and completing the Welcome to F1 World 2024 Series, players will need to pick who their favorite driver and team are. After this, they will be added to their selected Driver and Team Zones to earn points and make their team reach the top of the leaderboard. 

F1 24 Fanzone select Team & Driver hub
You can select any driver and team from the current Formula 1 grid.

Each Fanzone event is set to last eight weeks, Lee Mather confirmed on April 29, 2024, during the interview with CharlieIntel. After these events, players from the winning Fanzone will receive rewards, including a golden expression attached to their name, a license to flaunt being part of the winning team, and other content.

How to earn Fanzone points in F1 24

F1 24 players can earn points for their Fanzone by playing any game mode in F1 World. This way, you can accumulate points by completing races, achieving daily, weekly, monthly objectives, and more.

F1 24 Fanzone leaderboards
Earn Fanzone points and get your Constructor and Driver Fanzone to the top of F1 24 leaderboards.

The new Career F1 24 Specialists are also included in Fanzone, giving players “extra objectives, such as contributing a number of points to your Fanzone, racing on a track for your Fanzone” to earn more points.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about the new F1 24 Fanzone. Remember that F1 24 features VR support, so you can feel like you’re inside Red Bull’s RB20 or Ferrari’s SF-24. But if you want even more realism, check out the best graphics and audio settings to enhance your Formula One experience.