Best F1 24 Saudi Arabian GP car setup for Career & F1 World

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Max Verstappen in F1 24 Saudi Arabian GP

The streets of Jeddah pose a significant challenge for all F1 24 players. Check out the best F1 24 car setup that will help you master the street circuit of the Saudi Arabian GP.

If you’re taking your first steps in F1 24, you’ll have noticed that the Career mode features the official Formula One calendar. Starting Career mode means quickly heading to the Middle East for the Bahrain and Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Take a look at the best F1 24 car setup in order to have a great weekend in the Saudi Arabian GP.

Best F1 24 Saudi Arabian GP setup


  • Front Wing Aero: 35
  • Rear Wing Aero: 13


  • Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 30%
  • Differential Adjustment Off Throttle: 50%
  • Engine Braking: 40%

Suspension Geometry

  • Front Camber: -3.50°
  • Rear Camber: -2.20°
  • Front Toe-Out: 0.02°
  • Rear Toe-In: 0.04°


  • Front Suspension: 35
  • Rear Suspension: 10
  • Front Anti-Roll Bar: 12
  • Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 7
  • Front Ride Height: 20
  • Rear Ride Height: 64


  • Brake Pressure: 98%
  • Front Brake Bias: 53%


  • Front Right Tyre Pressure: 23.6psi
  • Front Left Tyre Pressure: 26.3psi
  • Rear Right Tyre Pressure: 21.3psi
  • Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 21.3psi

The Saudi Arabian GP in F1 24 is considered the fastest street circuit on the Formula One calendar. Only turns 1 and 27 require careful braking, as most of the corners on the streets of Jeddah can be taken with just a slight lift off the throttle.

The difficulty of the Saudi Arabian GP lies in its high-speed nature, with many blind corners like turn 17, and turns 22, 23, and 24. The challenge with these blind corners is perfecting your racing line to avoid hitting the wall by overstepping the curbs.

To perform well in Jeddah, you need a car that responds well in every corner throughout the race. That’s why we recommend a balanced setup that prioritizes top speed with good aerodynamic settings to avoid sacrificing too much in the fast corners.

Best Saudi Arabian GP race strategy in F1 24

The best F1 24 race strategy for the Saudi Arabian GP is to make a single pit stop, using one set of medium tyres and another set of hard tyres.

Saudi Arabian GP race strategies
There are four possible race strategies for the Saudi Arabian GP.

Start the race on medium tyres to maintain your position for the first ten laps. At this point, the soft compound of your rivals will start to degrade quickly, forcing them into an early pit stop while you can continue for several more laps on your medium tyres.

When you finally stop to change to hard compound, you’ll have gained approximately a 20-second lead over your direct rivals. You can make the stop without risking your position and then focus on painting your advantage until the end of the race.

How to improve in F1 24 Saudi Arabian GP

The best way to improve in the F1 24 Saudi Arabian GP is by playing Time Trial mode and getting familiar with the circuit. Memorizing the layout by heart is crucial for any street circuit in F1 24.

That’s everything you need to know about the Saudi Arabian GP in F1 24, including the best car setup to excel in Career and F1 World modes, and the best race strategy to use in Jeddah’s streets.

If you want to get some extra realism in F1 24, don’t forget to check out the best graphic settings as well as the controller and steering wheel guides.

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