Best F1 24 Japanese GP car setup to dominate Suzuka

Franco Diaz
Yuki Tsunoda on the Japanese GP starting grid

If you’re racing for the first time in the Japanese GP in F1 24 Career or F1 World modes, you’ll notice that it’s not an easy circuit and requires a lot of practice. However, with this car setup, you can stand out significantly and achieve many fastest laps.

Suzuka is a unique circuit in Formula One and F1 24 because it has a distinctive figure-eight shape. The Japanese GP features a very technical track with many long and fast corners that will challenge the lifespan of your tyres unless you use the best car setup in F1 24.

On that note, take a look at the best F1 24 car setup to dominate the Japanese GP.

F1 24: Best Japanese GP car setup

To excel in the F1 24 Japanese GP, you need a car that responds well to the many fast corners at Suzuka. For this, we’ll focus heavily on the car’s aerodynamics and suspension geometry. This way, medium-speed corners like Turn 6, the hairpin at Turn 11, and the chicane between Turns 16 and 17 won’t pose much of a problem.


  • Front Wing Aero: 33
  • Rear Wing Aero: 25
F1 24 aerodynamics setup for Japanese GP
Aerodynamics will help you tackle fast corners more effectively in the F1 24 Japanese GP.


  • Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 50%
  • Differential Adjustment Off Throttle: 35%
  • Engine Braking: 20%
F1 24 transmission setup for Japanese GP

Suspension Geometry

  • Front Camber: -3.10°
  • Rear Camber: -1.80°
  • Front Toe-Out: 0.10°
  • Rear Toe-In: 0.15°
F1 24 Suspension Geometry setup for Japanese GP


  • Front Suspension: 28
  • Rear Suspension: 17
  • Front Anti-Roll Bar: 21
  • Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 21
  • Front Ride Height: 20
  • Rear Ride Height: 55
F1 24 suspension setup for Japanese GP


  • Brake Pressure: 98%
  • Front Brake Bias: 60%
F1 24 brakes setup for Japanese GP


  • Front Right Tyre Pressure: 24.7psi
  • Front Left Tyre Pressure: 24.7psi
  • Rear Right Tyre Pressure: 22.0psi
  • Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 22.0psi
F1 24 tyres setup for Japanese GP

Best Suzuka race strategy in F1 24

The best race strategy to dominate the Japanese GP in F1 24 is to complete the race with two pit stops.

We recommend starting with a set of softs or mediums and finishing the race with two stints on hard compounds. While you might think the best combo would be soft-medium-medium, medium tires have an average lifespan of five laps longer than softs due to the high degradation caused by the track’s long and fast corners.

How to improve in F1 24 Suzuka

The best way to improve your performance in the F1 24 Japanese GP is to practice in Time Trial mode. There, you can lap Suzuka as many times and as long as you want until you master the Japanese track.

As mentioned, Suzuka is a very technical circuit filled with curves and counter-curves, especially in Sector 1. The series of corners between Turns 3 and 7 is a constant slalom, requiring perfect entry and exit of each turn to handle the next. It’s easy to go off track or lose pace while adjusting your speed, so we recommend practicing this series of corners in the F1 24 Time Trial mode.

Another area to pay attention to is the Turns 13 and 14, also known as the Spoon Curve. To master these two corners, you must find the perfect balance between acceleration and deceleration to avoid braking and losing valuable time compared to your rivals.

All in all, that’s all you need to know about the Japanese GP in F1 24. If you’re looking for a challenge in F1 24, we suggest racing at Interlagos or Monaco without any assists on your steering wheel.

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