F1 24 Challenge Career Leclerc event tracks & rewards

Max Candelarezi
McLaren's Lando Norris racing at the Miami Grand Prix

The new F1 24 game mode called Challenge Career allows players to step into the race suit of their favorite driver, and earn F1 World rewards while racing and completing some specific objectives to unlock perks and a place in the global leaderboard.

So, here’s all about the Challenge Career mode including the active event and its rewards in F1 24.

F1 24 Charles Leclerc Challenge Career rewards

The second F1 24 Challenge Career features Charles Leclerc as the protagonist, and all players can complete this challenge and claim the Constellation set to use in all F1 24 game modes, this includes a special Livery, Gloves, Suit, and Helmet.

F1 24 Leclerc Challenge Career rewards
Complete the Leclerc Challenge Career and win some free rewards in F1 24.

This challenge started on May 31 and will end on June 28, 2024, making room for the Fernando Alonso Challenge Carrer. Without further ado, check out the schedule and details of the F1 24 Leclerc Challenge Career.

What is Challenge Career mode?

The Challenge Career mode is a brand-new compact version of Career Mode that allows players to enjoy “bite-sized scenarios” in the shoes of an existing F1 driver and team. The ultimate goal is to get as many Campaign Points as possible, earn a spot on the global leaderboard, and rack up exclusive rewards.

F1 24 Challenge Career menu featuring Lando Norris
Each Challenge Career Episode will feature different tracks players can race on.

The mode features the same conditions for every player, but there are various difficulty levels to choose from depending on how you want your experience to be. They are divided into Episodes and themed seasons including specific story choices.

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