F1 24 Podium Pass: All Season 1 rewards

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Verstappen leading the Miami GP in F1 24

F1 24 Season 1 features a revamped Podium Pass loaded with rewards to customize your driver and car. Check out all the rewards available in the F1 24 Podium Pass.

F1 24 and EA Sports have once again introduced the Podium Pass feature, bringing plenty of premium and free rewards that include car liveries, race suits, Pitcoins, and much more.

On that note, take a look at all the rewards available in F1 24 Season 1’s Podium Pass.

F1 24 Season 1 Podium Pass rewards

F1 24 features a 50-tier Podium Pass with rewards waiting to be claimed.

The majority of rewards are available via the Podium Pass VIP, which is the premium version of the Season Pass. However, there are also some interesting rewards available in the free version.

Here are all the Podium Pass rewards available in F1 24 Season 1.

1Retrosport Car Livery
2[FREE] 5,000 Insight Points
3Retrosport Race Suit
4[FREE] 25,000 Cash
5[FREE] Retrosport Gloves
610,000 Insight Points
7Retrosport Helmet
8[FREE] 3x Epic Upgrades
920 Critical Insight Points
10[FREE] Ripples
115x Epic Upgrades
12200 Key Insight Points
13[FREE] 10 Critical Insight Points
14Tip of the Hat Character Pose
151,500 Pitcoins
16[FREE] Dino Livery Sticker
17[FREE] 500 Pitcoins
185x Livery Stickers
19“I Love This Game!!!” Radio Celebration
20[FREE] 3x Livery Stickers
21[FREE] 50 Key Insight Points
22Holding Flag Podium Celebration
23[FREE] “EAAASYYYYYYY!!” Radio Celebration
241,500 Pitcoins
25[FREE] 500 Pitcoins
26Pack Leader Livery Sticker
27[FREE] 3x Epic Upgrades
28[FREE] Atlantic Livery Sticker
295x Epic Upgrades
30Electroplay Sticker Livery
31[FREE] 500 Pitcoins
32Fluff Logo
33[FREE] 25,000 Cash
342x Lengary Upgrades
35[FREE] 500 Pitcoins
36Backflip Podium Celebration
3715,000 Pitcoins
38[FREE] 2x Legendary Upgrades
392x Legendary Upgrades
40100,000 Cash
41[FREE] 50 Key Insight Points
42Peace Character Pose
43[FREE] 500 Pitcoins
442,000 Pitcoins
45[FREE] 10 Critical Insight Points
4620 Critical Insight Points
47[FREE] Blacktronic Helmet
48[FREE] Blacktronic Race Suit
49Blacktronic Gloves
50Blacktronic Car Livery
F1 24 Season 1 Podium Pass
F1 24’s Podium Pass has a lot of free and premium rewards to claim each season.

How to get F1 24 Podium Pass VIP

You can get the Podium Pass VIP in F1 24 by purchasing it for 9,000 Pitcoins in the game pass section. You’ll get the chance to get some Pitcoins back by grinding the Podium Pass.

The 11,000 Pitcoins pack costs $8.99 / £7.89. However, you can also check out the other Pitcoin packs that F1 24 offers.

  • 2,000 Pitcoins – $1.99 / £1.89
  • 5,000 Pitcoins – $4.19 / £3.79
  • 24,000 Pitcoins – $18.99 / £16.99
  • 50,000 Pitcoins – $34.99 / £31.39

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about the F1 24 Podium Pass and all its rewards. Remember, you can get extra rewards in F1 24 by racing on any track in the new F1 World Fanzone or by completing the Max Verstappen Career Challenge event.

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