Best Double Barrel class build in XDefiant

Franco Diaz
double barrel in xdefiant

If you’re looking for a weapon to dominate close-range combat in XDefiant, you should give the Double Barrel Shotgun a try. You’ll pulverize enemies in a single shot with the best XDefiant Double Barrel loadout.

XDefiant features an interesting array of maps with different characteristics. Assault Rifles and Snipers reign supreme on large maps, while smaller maps are where SMGs and Shotguns shine. If you want to dominate close encounters, the Double Barrel is a must-try weapon.

Check out the best Double Barrel class in XDefiant.

Best XDefiant Double Barrel build attachments

  • Barrel: Choke
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw
  • Stock: Lightweight

The first attachment we equipped for the best Double Barrel build in XDefiant is the Choke Barrel, which will improve the Shotgun’s range in exchange for some mobility.

To counter this, you’ll want to select the Quick Draw Rear Grip and the Lightweight Stock, which offer a significant ADS and movement boost.

The Double Barrel is one of the least customizable weapons in XDefiant. However, I found these attachments were able to significantly enhance the Double Barrel’s mobility and range, making it a great choice for smaller maps.

PLayer aiming with the Double Barrel in XDefiant
The Double Barrel can one-shot an enemy if they are within 15 meters of distance.

Best Secondary & equipment for Double Barrel class

As the Double Barrel class lacks in range, the D50 is the best Secondary weapon to use with the Shotgun, as it has great damage range and mobility so you can pick enemies off who are just out of reach.

As for the best Device to use with the Double Barrel, the Proximity Mine is perfect for holding down areas and keeping your back covered, especially when playing the objective.

Best Faction for Double Barrel class

The best Faction to use with the Double Barrel in XDefiant is Echelon. The Shotgun will be useful when using the Intel Suit ability to reveal nearby enemies or the Digital Ghillie Suit, which makes you invisible for a few seconds.

Another decent alternative is the Phantoms Faction with the Blitz Shield to get as close as possible to enemies and secure the close-range kill with the Double Barrel.

How to unlock Double Barrel in XDefiant

To unlock the Double Barrel Shotgun in XDefiant, you need to get ten hipfire kills with Shotguns. Remember to navigate through tight spaces to have a better chance of killing other players with a single shot.

If you want to level up your Double Barrel fast, don’t forget to check out all about the XDefiant Double XP event.

Best alternatives to Double Barrel build

The best alternative to the Double Barrel in XDefiant is the M870. While it doesn’t quite match the power of the Double Barrel, the M870 boasts better mobility, and with the right attachments, it even gains greater shooting range. The AA-12 is also a great choice, offering a fully automatic fire rate at the price of some firepower.

If you’d like something different that still packs a punch in close-quarters combat, give the fast-firing Vector .45 ACP a go.

That’s everything you need to know about the Double Barrel in XDefiant, including the best loadout, how to unlock it, and the best Faction to use this Shotgun with.

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