Best M4A1 class build in XDefiant

Nathan Warby
M4A1 in XDefiant

If you’re looking for a well-rounded gun to see you through XDefiant’s Preseason, here are the top attachments for the best M4A1 loadout.

If you’re jumping into XDefiant, you’ll want to be fully prepared for the action-packed gameplay, which requires picking the best guns and loadout. When it comes to Assault Rifles, it doesn’t get much better than the iconic M4A1, which will quickly become your go-to weapon as it is an excellent all-around pick.

Here’s the best M4A1 class build in XDefiant, including all the attachments and more.

Best XDefiant M4A1 build attachments

  • Barrel: Recon – (unlocked at Level 3)
  • Front Rail: Tactical – (unlocked at Level 20)
  • Optic: Reflex Sight – (unlocked at Level 2)
  • Rear Grip: Grip Tape – (unlocked at Level 22)
  • Stock: Padded – (unlocked at Level 7)

The M4 is perfect for picking enemies off at mid to long-range, so our best XDefiant M4A1 loadout focuses on recoil control to keep it on target. We start with the Recon Barrel, which improves minimap visibility to give you a better read of the situation at all times.

Next up, the Tactical Front Rail buffs recoil recovery and speeds up the ADS speed, to help keep the AR centered and ensure it’s quick on the draw. While the M4A1’s iron sight is solid enough, adding the Reflex Sight offers a little extra accuracy.

Lastly, we’ve gone for Grip Tape to curb the Assault Rifle’s verticle and horizontal recoil, as well as the Padded Stock for more stability and less flinching. With this setup, the M4A1 is laser-accurate without sacrificing too much of its ADS speed and mobility.

M4A1 XDefiant attachments
The M4A1 is a great all-purpose Assault Rifle in XDefiant.

Best secondary & equipment for M4A1 class

The best secondary weapon to use with the M4A1 in XDefiant is the M9, and the best equipment for this build is the Frag Grenade.

The M9 is by far the best handgun in the game right now, so choosing it as a secondary weapon makes sense for its 400 RPM and large magazine. Alongside the M4A1, it’s a reliable sidearm that can pack a great punch with a Quick Draw Grip and Reflex Sight attached.

Frag Grenades are a great option for controlling heavily contested points, but they can also smoke out enemies who are using cover.

Best Faction for M4A1 class in XDefiant

The best Faction to use an M4A1 class in XDefiant is Echelon with the Digital Ghillie Suit ability. This way, you can seek out better angles to take down enemies with the M4A1.

Another great option for this build is the Cleaners Faction to take advantage of the passive Incendiary Rounds and deal extra burn damage with each impact.

How to unlock M4A1 in XDefiant

The M4A1 is unlocked from the get-go in XDefiant, so there are no unlock requirements to meet. However, you’ll need to level up the weapon to access all of its attachments.

Best XDefiant M4A1 alternatives

If the M4A1 build isn’t quite cutting it for you, the ACR 6.8 is another great well-balanced Assault Rifle with very few weaknesses. On the other hand, while the AK-47 class lacks in the mobility department, it has more than enough firepower to dominate XDefiant.

That’s everything you need to know about the best M4A1 class setup in XDefiant. For more weapon guides, check out the best ranked loadouts, or get to grips with every game mode and map to improve your IQ in XDefiant.

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