Best Assault Rifles in XDefiant – Full tier list

Nathan Warby
XDefiant players fighting with Assault Rifles

The best Assault Rifles continue to dominate XDefiant matches. These weapons are ideal for mid-range combat featuring a ton of firepower that can pulverize any enemy when decked out with the proper attachments.

Check out our ranked list of the best Assault Rifles so you know which one to choose in Season 1.

All XDefiant Assault Rifles ranked

  1. ACR 6.8
  2. AK-47
  3. LVOA-C
  4. M16A4
  5. M4A1
  6. MDR

6. MDR

XDefiant MDR
The MDR was a Preseason Battle Pass reward.

The MDR occupies a unique spot within XDefiant’s AR category, as it’s designed to be more of an SMG-hybrid than a long-range rifle. Its rapid fire rate and high mobility make it ideal for close-quarters fights, but it has enough range to dominate SMGs in mid-range encounters.

However, it’s not quite as versatile as its fellow Assault Rifles, so you’ll have to play to its strengths and adapt your playstyle in order to get the best out of it.

5. M4A1

XDefiant M4A1

The classic M4A1 is still a decent option among the Assault Rifles in XDefiant for close-range combat.

The M4A1 stands out for its high fire rate, but you need to hit up to seven shots to eliminate an enemy at any distance. If you’re looking for the best Assault Rifle in the game, it’s better to set aside this weapon and look for other options.

4. M16A4

XDefiant M16A4

The M16A4 is a classic AR that can perform in all game modes thanks to its ability to down enemies with just four headshots.

This weapon has the highest firepower, dealing more damage at short, medium, and long distances compared to other ARs. The recoil of the M16A4 is quite tricky but with the right attachments, you can neutralize this and make it an excellent option for any map.


LVOA-C Assault Rifle in XDefiant
Season 1’s new recruit is one of the best AR options in XDefiant.

New in Season 1, the LVOA-C has landed in the third spot thanks to its consistent damage, fast fire rate, and great versatility. You can build this weapon however you like, as a true AR, or even an SMG hybrid.

This makes the LVOA-C a versatile weapon that’s great for any map, mode, or playstyle, hence its spot in the top three.

2. AK-47

XDefiant AK-47
The AK-47 is an absolute classic.

The AK-47 takes second place among the best Assault Rifles. This gun has one of the highest firepower capabilities in its category, but the aiming stability can let it down.

That said, it’s a hard-hitting weapon that is best if you can control the recoil. If you can do so, you’ll find it to be one of the strongest weapons in the game, putting enemies down in no time at all.

What is the best Assault Rifle in XDefiant?

ACR-68 Assault Rifle in XDefiant
The ACR is still a great option in XDefiant.

In first place is the ACR 6.8, which continues to slay in XDefiant thanks to its low recoil, reliable damage, and surprisingly fast fire rate.

Besides being one of the easiest Assault Rifles to unlock, this rifle remains an excellent choice for taking down enemies at medium and long range. This makes it our pick for the top AR in the game.

Once you’ve picked your AR of choice, round out your loadout with the best Faction, as well as the best controller settings to increase your chances of success.

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