Best Handguns in XDefiant: All Handguns ranked

Souhardya Choudhury
XDefiant gameplay

Handguns in XDefiant are some of the best weapons for cutting down enemies’ HP whenever stuck in a pinch during close-quarters combat. So, here are the best Handguns in XDefiants, ranked during the Preseason.

During gunfights in XDefiant, Handguns can be extremely useful when your primary weapon runs out of ammo and you have enemies right in front of you. A universal FPS rule to keep in mind is that switching to a secondary is always faster than reloading, so make sure to pick the right Handgun.

On that note, here are the best Handguns in XDefiant for you to include in your next loadout.

All XDefiant Handguns ranked

In the Preseason, there are five Handguns in XDefiant. Here’s a ranked list of every Handgun in the game:

  1. M9
  2. 686 Magnum
  3. D50
  4. M1911
  5. 93R

5. 93R

93R XDefiant
The 93R has the lowest damage output among all Handguns.

The 93R is by far the weakest Handgun in XDefiant at launch with only 17 damage at close range. Although it fires three-round bursts, you might still not finish off an enemy right in front of you if you’re unlucky with the shot, due to the low damage.

However, in most cases, it might just do the job for you if you prefer an agile build, and with certain attachments like Quick Draw Grip and the Muzzle Booster, it can be a pretty decent choice too.

4. M1911

M1911 in XDefiant
The M1911 is a quite well-rounded option to go for in the game.

The M1911 might not be powerful like most other options in XDefiant, but it still packs a punch due to its precision and range. With the right attachments, the M1911 can be a nice support for your primary if you rely on agility instead of power, and you can’t go wrong with its well-rounded stats.

3. 686 Magnum

686 Magnum XDefiant
686 Magnum is built for more power with a lower firing rate.

The 686 Magnum has the most damage among every other Handgun in Xdefiant, standing tall at 48 in close range. Players who tend to focus on power and range can definitely opt for this Handgun as a secondary option as its high damage can come really in handy in difficult situations.

2. D50

D50 in XDefiant
D50 has more or less the same damage output as the Magnum but with a faster fire rate.

The D50 or Desert Eagle is one of the best Handguns in XDefiant as it not only has a high damage output of 45 at close range but also has a decent 200 RPM firing rate. On skilled hands, it can easily kill some enemies if stuck in an unfavorable situation.

However, it has a small magazine size and its aim stability is also not the best, so you might have some problems trying to get used to this gun in the game at the beginning.

1. M9 – Best Handgun in XDefiant

M9 handgun XDefiant
The M9 is the best and the most well-rounded handgun.

The M9 in XDefiant can be considered a much faster version of the M1911, as it also has some pretty well-rounded stats suited for agile players. Although its raw damage output is nothing to boast about, it has an impressive 400 RPM fire rate with a 15-round magazine, so killing enemies shouldn’t be a problem.

With the Quick Draw Grip and a Reflex Sight, this is easily the best secondary loadout in XDefiant and is just the best for both precision and stealth.

This sums up our list of the best Handguns in XDefiant. Speaking of the best weapons, you might want to check out other primary options that involve LMGsSnipers, and SMGs.

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