Best XDefiant Factions for every game mode: Escort, Zone Control, Occupy, more

Joseph Pascoulis
xdefiant faction characters running together

There are many game modes to play in XDefiant, from Escort and Zone Control to Domination, and some Factions shine in specific modes. Here are the best Factions to use for every mode in XDefiant.

Each XDefiant game mode brings a different objective. Escort sees players guiding a robot to a point, while Zone Control sees players attacking or defending Capture Zones. There are a total of five modes to enjoy, but since they all pose a different objective, some Factions are better suited than others depending on the mode.

Here are the best Factions for every game mode in XDefiant.

XDefiant: Best Faction for every mode

Here’s a look at the best Faction for each game mode in XDefiant:

Zone ControlLibertad
Hot ShotEchelon

XDefiant: Best Faction for Escort

escort playlist in xdefiant
Escort requires some teamwork in XDefiant.
  • Best Faction: Phantoms
  • Best ability: Mag Barrier

Escort in XDefiant is all about pushing or defending the payload depending on which side you’re on. In my experience, a more defensive Faction is best here. That’s why we’ve chosen Phantoms as the best Faction for Escort.

Phantoms have the most health in the game at 120, making them tough to take down. Paired with the Mag Barrier, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with when defending or pushing the payload.

Finally, the Aegis Ultra is the perfect ability for being on the payload to either push it or get enemy players off it.

Best Faction for Zone Control in XDefiant

Libertad Fighter XDefiant
The Libertad are best paired with the MDR.
  • Best Faction: Libertad
  • Best ability: El Remedio

For Zone Control, I found Libertad to be extremely strong, as the XDefiant mode is all about defending and taking zones and you can keep your team topped up on health with the Espiritu de Libertad Passive, El Remedio Activated Ability, and Medico Supremo Ultra.

These all provide you and your teammates with boosts of health when you need it, which can be the difference when trying to take or defend a zone.

Best Faction for Domination in XDefiant

domination playlist in xdefiant
Domination is a classic FPS game mode.
  • Best Faction: Cleaners
  • Best ability: Firebomb

As for Domination in XDefiant, the Cleaners are great for aggressive plays, burning enemies with the Incendiary Rounds Passive, while dealing AoE damage to those on flags with the Firebomb.

Further, The Purifier flamethrower Ultra is perfect for clearing out enemies on flags, making Domination an easy clean-up mission.

XDefiant: Best Faction for Occupy

Dedsec hacker in XDefiant
  • Best Faction: DedSec
  • Best ability: Hijack

DedSec are the cyber attackers in XDefiant, so the ability to hack enemy equipment with the Hijack ability makes Occupy much easier.

If the enemy is occupying the zone with powerful abilities, use Hijack or the Lockout Ultra, which prevents them from using their ability or Ultra if they’re in the AoE.

XDefiant: Best Faction for Hot Shot

hot shot playlist in xdefiant
Kills are the aim of the game in Hot Shot.
  • Best Faction: Echelon
  • Best ability: Intel Suit

If you’re more of a Hot Shot, Echelon is the best Faction to use. This is mainly because of the Faction’s ability to see through walls, giving you intel on the enemy’s position with Intel Suit. They also allow you to get more kills and potentially become the Hot Shot, which is what the mode is all about.

The Sonar Goggles Ultra gives you free wallhacks and a powerful one-shot pistol, making the objective of securing kills a breeze. This Faction also keeps you quiet on the minimap thanks to the Low Profile Passive, preventing the enemy from gaining intel on your position and getting easy kills.

Those were all the best Factions for each game mode in XDefiant.

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