Best quickscoping loadout in XDefiant: Weapon, attachments, more

Emily Stander
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Quickscoping is a staple in any FPS, and XDefiant is no different. It’s a difficult mechanic to pull off if you don’t have the right weapon, though, so here is the best quickscoping loadout in XDefiant.

XDefiant has a solid range of Snipers and Marksman Rifles for quickscoping loadouts, but not all of them fit the bill as well as one particular weapon

Aside from that, it’s also really important to make sure you have the right attachments. So, here is the best weapon for quickscoping in XDefiant, including what attachments to use. 

Best XDefiant quickscoping weapon

The best weapon to use for quickscoping in XDefiant is the TAC-50 Sniper Rifle

The TAC-50 is currently the best long-range gun in the game, and the best among Sniper Rifles. It has high damage and incredible range.

Even though it falls slightly short of the M44 in terms of mobility and handling, this can be rectified if you use the right attachments. 

XDefiant player aiming TAC-50
The TAC-50 is XDefiant’s most powerful Sniper.

Best XDefiant quickscoping loadout

The best loadout for quickscoping with a TAC-50 in XDefiant includes a Lightweight Barrel, Sniper Scope, Quick Mag, Quick Draw Grip, and Padded Stock:

AttachmentStatsLevel unlocked
Lightweight Barrel+15.0% ADS Speed
+5.0% Movement Speed
-10.0% Short Range
-10.0% Medium Range
Level 25
Sniper Scope+12.0 Magnification
-25.0% ADS Hit Flinch
-10.0% ADS Time
Level 1
Quick Mag+5 Ammunition Capacity
+50.0% Reload Speed
-10.0% ADS Time
-10.0% ADS Hit Flinch
Level 40
Quick Draw Grip+10.0% Sprint-Shoot Time
+10.0% ADS Speed
-15.0% Aim Stability
Level 23
Lightweight Stock+20.0% Aim Walking Speed
+2.5% Movement Speed
-20.0% Aim Stability
-10.0% ADS Time
Level 26

These attachments aim to make you more mobile while handling the TAC-50, which is essential for quickscoping. 

The Quick Mag will make reloading much faster, letting you put pressure on your enemies, while the Lightweight Barrel and Quick Draw Grip will help boost ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed. 

The Lightweight Stock gives you even more speed, specifically Aim Walking and Movement speed, which is what you’ll likely be doing while using a quickscoping loadout. You’ll sacrifice a bit of stability, but this is negligible given the high damage output of a TAC-50 when you hit your shots.

Finally, the Sniper Scope is your best option to accurately aim at enemies for those perfect shots. 

For a Secondary Weapon, you may want to consider using an M9 and Frag Grenade. A quickscoping loadout usually means that you’ll be on the move more often than if you had a classic Sniper loadout, and these will just help you in close-quarter situations if you find yourself in one.