Best SMGs in XDefiant

Nathan Warby
XDefaint players using SMGs

With XDefiant Season 1 underway, the race is on once again to find the best guns in the game and SMGs are incredibly strong in the meta.

While Assault Rifles and Snipers are proving effective at long-range, including the new LVOA-C and L115, some maps and modes force you to adapt to close-range fights.

So, here are the best SMGs in XDefiant, including a ranked list of every single one.

All XDefiant SMGs ranked

  1. MP7
  2. P90
  3. Vector .45
  4. MP5A2

There are four different SMGs to choose from in XDefiant and while all have their own strengths and weaknesses, we feel the MP7 and P90 stand above the rest. But, we’re expecting the lineup to grow in future seasons, so we’ll add any new arrivals to this list.

Rankings explained

4. MP5A2

XDefiant MP5A2

The MP5A2 is the first SMG you unlock, and although it’s a solid place to start it does get outshined by its rivals. That being said, it has the best range in the class, helping it go toe-to-toe with Assault Rifles in situations where other guns would be unable to cope.

However, when it comes to close-range, the area that this category specializes in, I found it to be the weakest of the launch offerings.

3. Vector .45

Vector .45 in XDefiant
The Vector is a high-risk high-reward SMG.

Although it’s in the bottom half of our list, in the right hands the Vector .45 is easily one of the best SMGs in XDefiant. It has a blistering fire rate that melts through enemies, and it can clear objectives in the blink of an eye before the other team can react.

The drawback is that its wild recoil makes it very difficult to use, even when the target is only a short distance away. It’s definitely the most high-risk option on this list, but if you can keep it under control, the payoff is extraordinary.

2. P90

P90 in XDefiant

The P90 has everything you could possibly want from an SMG; a solid fire rate, decent range for its class, and crucially, a huge magazine. While other close-range options had me reloading after every couple of kills, with this in my loadout I managed to wipe multiple targets without breaking a sweat.

Although it narrowly misses out on the top spot, the P90 is easily one of the best guns in the entire game, especially once it’s leveled up and you have access to some of the best attachments.

Best XDefiant SMG

MP7 in XDefiant
The MP7 is the perfect SMG for XDefiant.

The MP7 is the best SMG in XDefiant, as it combines the very best attributes of every other weapon in the category. Its damage is only bettered by the Vector, but it’s far more accurate and still has plenty of mobility, making it feel light and snappy to use.

It’s no surprise, then, that it’s become the close-range weapon of choice in Season 1. If you manage to flank around the enemy team and catch them unaware, there’s nothing better in the game to quickly send them back to their spawn.

Now that you’re armed with the best SMG, make sure your loadout is complete with the ideal Faction, as well as the best controller and PC settings.