Best M870 class build in XDefiant

Franco Diaz
XDefiant M870 loadout

Here’s the best M8700 class build in XDefiant featuring the most powerful attachments, secondary weapon, equipment, and Faction for the shotgun to help you dominate opponents at close range.

XDefiant lets you unlock better weapons and attachments as you play and keeping your loadouts up to date is highly recommended if you want to survive the competition with ease. Shotguns like the M870 are easily some of best weapons for close-range combat but you can only witness their true potential with the right class build.

On that note, check out the best M870 build in XDefiant.

Best XDefiant M870 build attachments

  • Muzzle: Barrel Extender
  • Barrel: Chrome Lined
  • Front Rail: PEQ-15 laser
  • Rear Grip: Heavy Grip
  • Stock: Padded Stock

The M870 class in XDefiant boasts incredible firepower at close range, but we can improve its range by using the Barrel Extender Muzzle and the Chrome Lined Barrel. With these two attachments, you’ll be able to take out enemies up to 15 meters away.

This Shotgun is quite bulky, so mobility isn’t its strong suit. However, we’ll focus on improving its accuracy to ensure your shots hit their mark.

For this, we’ve opted for the combo of the Heavy Grip and Padded Stock, which will notably increase the accuracy stat of the M870. The icing on the cake is the PEQ-15 laser, which will make all the difference as you slide into close-range combats or fire from the hip.

Best M870 loadout in XDefiant
The M870 is strong in close-range combat.

Best secondary & equipment for M870 class

The 686 Magnum is the best secondary weapon for the M870 class in XDefiant because of its range. Your shotgun is more than capable of taking out enemies in close range but you’d want something like the 686 Magnum with minimal damage drop-off at long ranges.

This way, you won’t be compelled to always play along with the objective. Especially after respawning, the 686 Magnum is a reliable secondary weapon to engage in medium and long-range battles.

As for the equipment, all Grenades work like a charm with the M870 as before rushing to an area, you’d want to either damage the opponents or stun them. Because your playstyle with the M870 will rarely involve camping, a Proximity Mine won’t be beneficial.

Best Faction for M870 class

The Echelon is the best Faction for the M870 shotgun in XDefiant, especially if you select the Intel Suit ability which reveals enemies in a short range to anticipate where they might appear and easily eliminate them.

Echelon Faction in Defiant
The Echelon Faction is the best to use the M870 shotgun.

Other alternatives include the Phantoms Faction with Blitz Shield to safely approach opponents or the Cleaners to take advantage of their Incendiary Rounds passive ability and deal burn damage to enemies.

How to unlock M870 in XDefiant

The M870 is a base Shotgun in XDefiant, so it’s unlocked from the start. Once you open the game for the first time, you can equip and use it in any match.

Best alternatives to M870 build

The best alternative to the M870 in XDefiant is the Double Barrel. While it lacks the range of the M870, this Shotgun also packs a one-shot punch. Another option to obliterate opponents at close range is the MP7 SMG that has a similar time-to-kill but different playstyle.

Remember that to use the M870 in XDefiant, it’s best to move between close spaces on small maps, so you can keep enemies within range to eliminate them with a single shot. Also, make sure you know how to perform the slide cancel to catch your opponents by surprise.

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