Best Vector .45 ACP class build in XDefiant

Franco Diaz
Vector .45 ACP in XDefiant

If your favorite weapons in XDefiant are SMGs, you should try the best Vector .45 ACP loadout to destroy any enemies that cross your path in matches.

XDefiant features an arsenal of weapons that you can grind and enhance with the right attachments. Among the best SMGs, the Vector .45 ACP stands out as one of the most powerful.

Check out the best loadout for the Vector .45 ACP in XDefiant.

Best XDefiant Vector .45 ACP build attachments

  • Muzzle: Compensator – Unlocked at Level 27
  • Front Rail: Superlight Grip – Unlocked at Level 4
  • Magazine: Fast Mag – Unlocked at Level 40
  • Rear Grip: Fabric Grip – Unlocked at Level 13
  • Stock: Folded Stock – Unlocked at Level 25

As the first attachment for the best Vector .45 ACP class build in XDefiant, we’ve opted for the Compensator Muzzle, which significantly buffs vertical recoil control at the cost of some ADS speed and stability.

However, you don’t need to worry about that ADS nerf because you’ll balance that out with the Superlight Grip and Fabric Grip which boost movement speed.

We’ve chosen the Folded Stock to gain extra mobility and make the most of close-range encounters. Last but not least, the Fast Mag has a larger capacity than the default magazine and offers a +40% reload speed.

XDefiant Vector Loadout
The Vector .45 ACP is one of the strongest options for close-range combat in XDefiant.

Best secondary & equipment for Vector .45 ACP class in XDefiant

The best secondary for the Vector .45 ACP class in XDefiant is the 686 Magnum, and for equipment, you’ll want to use a Flashbang Grenade.

The 686 Magnum is a solid Handgun option that can help give your build some balance when it comes to range. Equipped with a Quick Draw Grip and Red Dot Sight, this secondary can give your build an edge for every situation.

The Flashbang Grenade is difficult to counter and can give you the time you need to pump damage into enemies affected by it. It’s a great device for a versatile weapon, and so it works well alongside the Vector .45 ACP class.

Best Faction for Vector .45 ACP class in XDefiant

The best Faction to play with the Vector .45 ACP class in XDefiant is the Libertad Faction with the BioVida Boost.

BioVida Boost is a strong ability that heals you and gives you extra health, which can be essential for getting out of sticky situations with a close-range weapon like the Vector .45 ACP.

Alternatively, the Echelon Faction while using an Intel Suit is a nice option. This will give you an edge in pinpointing your enemies and can be quite powerful in tandem with a Flashbang Grenade as your equipment.

How to unlock Vector .45 ACP in XDefiant

In XDefiant, you can unlock the Vector .45 ACP by dealing 10,000 damage to enemies with any SMG. This objective is part of the Base Challenges and can be found in the main menu Challenges section.

To unlock the attachments, you’ll need to use the Vector .45 ACP repeatedly in matches. For more on leveling up quickly, check out our how to level up fast guide.

Best XDefiant alternatives to Vector .45 ACP build

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Vector .45 ACP in XDefiant, the MP5A2 is a well-balanced SMG. Another great option would be the MP7, which is one of the weapons with the best mobility and firepower in the game.

All in all, that’s the best Vector .45 ACP loadout you can use in XDefiant. Make sure to check out the best loadouts for ranked and how to unlock the DedSec faction before you hop in next time.