How to level up fast in XDefiant: Weapons & Battle Pass

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XDefiant characters shooting

Earning XP in XDefiant is crucial for leveling up your weapons and Battle Pass. Check out these tips for leveling up fast in XDefiant.

In XDefiant, you can grind your account as well as your favorite weapons to unlock a lot of attachments and Mastery camos. But what are the fastest ways to level up in XDefiant?

Here is everything you need to know about how to level up fast in XDefiant.

XDefiant: How to level up fast

There are several ways to level up your XDefiant account fast, but we recommend focusing on completing Daily Challenges. This set of objectives changes daily and provides a significant amount of experience, helping you level up quickly in XDefiant.

Another alternative is completing matches. By finishing matches, players earn experience based on their performance during the game.

How to level up weapons fast in XDefiant

The best way to level up weapons in XDefiant is by getting multiple kills with them during matches. Remember that you can also use the Weapon XP Boosters, which can be earned through the Battle Pass, to gain extra XP for a limited time.

Weapon XP Booster as reward in XDefiant Battle Pass
You can get a free Weapon XP Booster by leveling the XDefiant Battle Pass.

Here are some extra tips to level up your weapons faster:

  • Shooting down enemy abilities like Incinerator Drones, SpiderBot, or Mag Barrier will grant 200 XP.
  • Causing damage with a weapon slightly increases weapon XP.
  • Headshots and multikills also grant a slight XP boost.

Best mode to level up weapons fast in XDefiant

The best game mode to level up weapons fast in XDefiant is Escort. This game mode consists of escorting a robot carrying supplies across a map, and happens in two stages: Attack & Defend.

This game mode can end fast or last for about 18 minutes, depending on players’ skill. However, in this mode, you have plenty more time to shoot and kill enemies and that means more weapon XP.

Considering loading times and other factors, this is the best place to invest your Weapon XP Boosters. That way you can maximize XP gain without having to switch game modes.

XDefiant: How to level up Battle Pass fast

The best way to quickly level up the Battle Pass in XDefiant is by playing and completing matches of various game modes. Remember to play with a Battle Pass XP Booster activated whenever possible to earn more experience at the end of each match.

How to activate XP Boosters in XDefiant

XDefiant Lobby Screen
Activate your XP Boosters in XDefiant’s Lobby screen.

You can activate any XP Booster from the lobby screen by navigating to the “Activate Booster” section on the right side of the screen. Keep in mind that once activated, the timer will start counting down, so it’s always a good idea to activate it before starting a match. This way, you can make the most of the XP Booster.

That’s everything you need to know about leveling up fast in XDefiant. Remember you can find out about the game’s challenges and the best Assault Rifles or SMGs ranked, and more in our XDefiant category.

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