Best Faction in XDefiant: Tier list

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XDefiant sets itself apart with its unique Factions based on popular Ubisoft games, so here’s the best Faction to choose based on the abilities they offer.

All the maps and Factions that you see in XDefiant are a part of some of the major IPs under the Ubisoft umbrella. Every Faction in the game has abilities that are unique to their class and cater to specific playstyles.

Since there’s a lot that you need to consider when picking a Faction in XDefiant, here’s the best one that you should go with.

XDefiant Faction tier list

There are five different Factions in XDefiant, four of which are available right from the start while another is locked behind a challenge. Here’s a tier list of all the Factions that are available in the game:

SLibertad (Far Cry 6)
ACleaners (The Division), Phantoms (Ghost Recon)
BEchelon (Splinter Cell)
CDedSec (Watch Dogs 2)

All XDefiant Factions ranked

S Tier


Libertad Fighter XDefiant
The Libertad Faction is set at the top of our tier list due to its healing abilities.
  • Active Abilities: BioVida Boost, El Remedio
  • Passive Trait: Espiritu de Libertad
  • Ultra Ability: Medico Supremo
  • Best weapon to use: AK-47

Libertad is the best Faction in XDefiant, providing health buffs that are essential for both you and the rest of your team. Their passive, Espiritu de Libertad, immediately heals everyone around you, reducing the time you’re exposed after a close gunfight.

We recommend choosing the BioVida Boost ability, as it speeds up regen even more for your squad if you’re in close proximity to one another. The Medico Supremo Ultra gives you a whopping 200 health while granting a massive healing boost in a limited area.

While the other options on this list may have flashier abilities, Libertad servers arguably the most important purpose in the game – keeping you and others alive. Whether you’re a lone wolf or a team player, this is the Faction for you.

A Tier


Cleaners Faction operator in XDefiant
Cleaners Faction has a disadvantage in long-range duels.
  • Active Abilities: Firebomb, Incinerator Drone
  • Passive Trait: Incendiary Rounds
  • Ultra Ability: The Purifier
  • Best weapon to use: M16A4

Known as Pyro Technicians, the Cleaners come from The Division universe and are recognized for their fire skills in XDefiant. Using the Firebomb ability, you can generate a significant amount of area damage and burning, and the Incinerator Drone is perfect for quickly clearing objectives.

What’s most interesting about this Faction is that their passive ability turns your regular bullets into Incendiary rounds, making them deadly at close and medium-range encounters.


Phantoms fighter in XDefiant
Phantoms have great defensive abilities to support the team.
  • Active Abilities: Blitz Shield, Mag Barrier
  • Passive Trait: Hardened
  • Ultra Ability: Aegis
  • Best weapon to use: TAC-50

The Phantoms from Ghost Recon are a powerful Faction in XDefiant. These soldiers from the future can equip the Blitz Shield or Mag Barrier barriers that can block enemy fire and projectiles such as grenades.

The Faction’s passive trait slightly increases their maximum health (up to 120), while their Ultra ability creates a spherical plasma shield around the player, perfect for close combat.

Phantoms have an additional 20 HP, which can be the key to winning an engagement in XDefiant.

B Tier


Echelon Faction in Defiant
  • Active Abilities: Digital Ghillie Suit, Intel Suit
  • Passive Trait: Low Profile
  • Ultra Ability: Sonar Goggles
  • Best weapon to use: P90

The Echelon spies from Splinter Cell are the perfect Faction for stealth in XDefiant. Their passive trait alone makes them worth using, as it keeps you hidden from the enemy’s minimap no matter what you do.

The Digital Ghillie Suit is useful for getting the drop on other players, turning you invisible briefly. However, the Intel Suit is the Faction’s real secret weapon, revealing the location of nearby players to both you and your team, making it easy to pick them off.

The Sonar Goggles Ultra puts you in control of Sam Fisher’s iconic pistol, which takes just a couple of shots to secure a kill and can instantly turn the tide of a match.

C Tier


Dedsec Faction XDefiant
Dedsec use technology to their advantage.
  • Active Abilities: Hijack, Spiderbot
  • Passive Trait: Fabricator
  • Ultra Ability: Lockout
  • Best weapon to use: M4A1

Dedsec are the hackers in XDefiant, allowing you to interfere with enemies and even steal their abilities. The Lockout Ultra is especially effective, putting the other team on the back foot by preventing them from using their unique skills.

However, the Faction’s other abilities let them down, as they only prove useful in specific situations. Also, the Spiderbot, the most interesting part of their kit, can be easily picked off before it attaches to another player, which can prove frustrating.

Now that you’ve got your Faction chosen in XDefiant, all that’s left to do is pick a weapon. To help, here are the best ACR 6.8, and MP7 builds.

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